The revival of movie theatres after Lockdown

Lockdown has hit the physical entertainment industry hard. All the movie theatres are closed, and there is an insecurity of losing jobs among the employees and workers. There is no update when one can expect the full-fledged opening of movie theatres after Lockdown. 

Challenge to get back audience in Movie Theatres after Lockdown

status of Movie theatres after lockdown

Corona is a contagious disease. Thus, people are very much afraid to go to the places of mass gathering. The panic ( which is somewhat genuine ) will pose a considerable challenge to get back the audience in Movie theatres after Lockdown is over. Single movie theatres are already battling against the Dazzle of Multiplexes.

Permission to open Movie Theatres after Lockdown

Since there is considerable concern among the government and people regarding the contagious nature of coronavirus, the only way to fight it is through social distancing. And movie theatres single screen or multiplexes, serve opposite.

One cannot expect people to follow social distancing at all in such places. Thus, the government might not approve of opening these Movie theatres after Lockdown. 

Movie theatres will pose a massive risk of spreading coronavirus, which no one can approve of ever.

Release dates being shifted due to Lockdown

This is also a huge reason which could extend the duration of opening of Movie Theatres after Lockdown. Opening of Movie theatres and movie releases, both are somewhat interdependent. The producers pose a risk to their capital if they release their movie due to the lack of audience. And Movie theatres will find it challenging to gain rights to new movie releases if there is none. 

Several huge movies like “ Sooryavanshi “, are waiting for their grand release. But they have been delayed/postponed. 

Movie theatres in Coma due to Lockdown

Since the business of Movie Theatress has come to the ground zero level, it is not at all wrong to say that they are in the state of Coma. The revival of Movie Theatres will be a huge task. There are three biggest hurdles in bringing back the audience to the movie theatres after the Lockdown-

1.) Safety and security of the audience

             Maintaining the safety and security of the audience will pose a significant threat to the cinema business, and it is tough to ensure social distancing in the place where people gather in masses. 

revival of the Movie theares post lockdown

2.) Panic and fear in People of the spread of the virus

Since the disease is contagious, fear prevailing among the people is evident. People already avoid visiting social places.  Multiplexes may promote hygiene and cleanliness but single theatres are way behind multiplexes in providing such basic amenities. Thus, gaining back the  confidence of audiences is not at all going to be an easy task.

3.) OTT platforms getting popular

            OTT platforms like NETFLIX, AMAZON PRIME, HOTSTAR etc. are getting popular day by day. They have so many options available at just their fingertips that visiting a Cinema Hall after such a medical emergency seems too difficult. 

Even the content they are providing is new and fresh. They hold a lot of artistic value which very few movies have these days. Also, these platforms are way cheaper than watching movies in theatres. 

Ways to bring back audience to the movie theatres after Lockdown

Movie Theatres will have to come up with something out of the box to bring back the audience post Lockdown. Few points to mention are-

1.) PVR and other theatres promoting Social Distancing in their premises

Social distancing in Movie theatres after lockdown

      Yes, you heard it right. PVR and other theatres are planning to opt for social distancing. They are planning to sell the tickets, leaving one seat on both sides so that a person is never sharing his space adjacently.

While the move seems smart, this will drop down their revenue to 50 %, but still, something is better than nothing.

2.) Proper Channelised advertisements to promote people to watch movies at theatres

Post-Lockdown when the situation is under check ( and we hope it gets soon ), a vast marketing campaign will be necessary to gain confidence among the masses to watch movies in theatres. 

Bollywood is already facing a massive crisis, and they cannot afford closure of movie theatres for long. After all there are thousands and thousands of people who directly or indirectly rely on them for their livelihood.

3.) Risking the profit by releasing the movies of more prominent stars

The only thing which can bring back life to movie theatres in Coma is through releasing movies of bigger stars. Showcasing the movie of blockbuster stars after the Lockdown will boost the cinema industry and bring back the audience to the movie theatres. 

The madness and love among Indians for these huge superstars is not hidden at all.

If superstars like Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar etc., come forward to release their movies, nothing can stop their massive fanbase from visiting and watching the film at the theatres. Yes, that’s a risk to their profits, but still it’s calculative.

Final take

status of Movie theatres after lockdown

Although humans are social animals and cannot live without public interactions, fear will still prevail post Lockdown. And It would be tough to revive the physical theatres as masses have now experienced the streaming services. Thus, the theatres will have to come up with new ideas and offers to woo the audience. Most importantly winning back the confidence and ensuring safety must be their topmost priority.

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