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Best Keypad Mobile Under 3000 with Honest Pros and Cons

Just a decade ago, we all used to have small, lightweight, typing keypad mobiles. Time changed drastically with the advancement of new technologies, and now everyone owns a smartphone with touchscreens.

But smartphones are complex to use. On the other hand, those keypad mobiles were super friendly and very easy to carry. Thus, our ageing parents or grandparents still find them more valuable and relevant.

Thus, here we are with the list of Best keypad mobile under 3000 which you can buy for your parents/grandparents or even use as your secondary phone.

List of best keypad mobile under 3000

1.) Samsung Metro 313

Samsung Metro 313
Samsung Metro 313

The metro series of Samsung was quite a hit when it was launched back in those days. But still, they are one of the best keypad mobile under 3000 range. 


  • Comes up with a back camera with 0.3 MP.
  • It is backed by a huge 1000mAH battery for a basic phone. Hence, gives a long battery backup.
  • It has Expandable memory.
  • Dual Sim support.
  • Super lightweight, i.e. it weighs around just ‎75 g.
  • It also has MP3, and one can even play videos if needed.
  • The screen resolution is 1280 x 720, which is impressive for a candy bar mobile.


  • Not much use of the audio recorder.
  • No shortcut buttons for profile change.

2.) Lava FLIP mobile

Lava FLIP keypad mobile
Lava FLIP- Most stylish and best keypad mobile under 3000

My god, who wasn’t crazy about flip phones back in those days !!

The moment I saw this mobile, it was all nostalgia. I bet you would love the design of this phone.


  • Cheapest keypad mobile on this list.
  • Most attractive and appealing design.
  • Fun fact – It has 512 MB RAM. Don’t know how you would manage that.
  • It has a massive 1200 mAh battery giving 3 days backup with regular usage.
  • It has dual sim support, and the memory can be extended through an external memory card.
  • They are completely Made in India phones.


  • No earphones supplied with the mobile.

3.) Nokia 216

Nokia 216 keypad mobile
Nokia 216 keypad mobile

How can Nokia not be in any of the lists of basic feature phones? There was a time when mobile meant Nokia. Switching on the mobile and looking at the animation of holding hands felt like home.

These Nokia 216, although it doesn’t cater to all those specifications, surely makes to our list of best mobile phone under 3000 Rupees.


  • It supports Dual SIM functionality.
  • It has all the basic features like- FM Radio, Video Player, Music Player etc.
  • Nokia phones are the subsidiary of the Make in India initiative.
  • It is backed up by a 1020 mAh battery for long-lasting usage.
  • Nokia 216 has a 0.3MP primary camera with LED flash.


  • Although the mobile is sturdy and durable, the plastic feels cheap.
  • You won’t be able to store Multiple Numbers under Single Contact information.

4.) Samsung Guru Music

Samsung Guru Music 2
Samsung Guru Music 2

This research has been a nostalgia ride !!

Samsung Guru Music series was one of the most in-demand feature phones with a sturdy design. They still are the same- sleek and simple.


  • They are powered by an 800 mAh battery which can last upto 2 working days with regular usage.
  • One can easily extend the memory upto 16GB through external memory cards.
  • It is very lightweight and weighs just 75 grams.
  • As the name suggests, it is manufactured for music lovers. Thus, it has a dedicated play-pause button.
  • The basic features like Dual Sim, Radio, FM Radio, etc., are supported as well.


  • No camera present.
  • The loudness of the speaker should have been better for justifying the music series.

5.) Nokia 5310 Keypad Mobile

Nokia 5310 keypad mobile
Nokia 5310 is one of the best keypad mobile under 3000

No biasness, but Nokia still manufactures the best features phones. Nokia 5310 is the sheer proof of that. If one needs to define this phone in a single line – “A tiny glimpse of smartphone features packed into a small device”.


  • It is packed with a massive 1200mAh battery. Thus, it can deliver up upto 22 days standby time. Even with regular usage, one can expect it to last for 2 to 3 working days.
  • ‎Comes up with essential features like Music Player and video player.
  • Like others, it also supports dual sim functionality, and memory can be expanded further with external memory cards.
  • Nokia 5310 has a back camera as well.
  • It supports a wireless FM playback feature and also has dedicated music buttons.


  • The price fluctuates very often. One needs to buy it in offers ( on sale or specific bank’s Debit/credit card offers ) to get it under Rs. 3000.
  • Like the other Nokia phone on the list, its “make-material” feels cheap plastic.

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List of Best Keypad Mobile Under 3000
List of best keypad mobile under 3000

Hope this article on best keypad mobile under 3000 has served the purpose. But a few things must be kept in mind-

  1. All the mobiles in this list are basic feature phones. Thus, none of them supports 4G/4G Volte.
  2. Don’t compare them with the functionalities of a smartphone. Both have different demands to cater for.
  3. Many of these phones don’t offer earphones bundled with the handset.

These mobiles are a perfect option to gift your old parents or grandparents and make their life a bit simpler, which smartphones can never offer to be.

Also, these days people often need to have a secondary mobile as well. Thus, carrying a lightweight, dual sim supported feature phone as a secondary mobile is much easier and logical. Not only would carrying it be easy, but it would also provide long-lasting usage in an emergency.


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