Bring back Shree Krishna and Jai Hanuman on Doordarshan

Lockdown has been extended for 30th April with some minor relaxations in a few areas. But people still have to be at home and follow the social distance. Doordarshan’s decision to retelecast Ramayan, Mahabharat and Shaktimaan turned wonders. People are excited to watch their childhood fantasy shows. Now India demands to bring back Shree Krishna and Jai Hanuman on Doordarshan too.

Shree Krishna on Doordarshan 

Shree Krishna is one of the most viewed TV series ever. It was created by Ramanand Sagar who created Ramayana too. This TV serial was a mythological show based on the life journey of Lord Shree Krishna. It was telecasted from 1996 on Doordarshan. 

     Shree Krishna was telecasted on Doordarshan on Sundays. It became so popular that it was later telecasted in several other countries like Nepal, Mauritius, Indonesia, South Africa, etc.

Jai Hanuman on Doordarshan

Like Shree Krishna, Jai Hanuman was also a mythological TV series. It was based on Lord Hanuman. Although Jai Hanuman was telecasted late night, it received massive popularity. Even the kids used to wake up late at night to watch it.

 First episode of Jai Hanuman on Doordarshan was telecasted in the year 1997. The show received a massive pop from the very first episode. The title track sung by “ Rabindra Jain “ is still famous among the masses.

Modern-day mythological shows on Lord Krishna And Hanuman

     Many People tried to recreate the magic of Shree Krishna and Jai Hanuman, but they never even came near to the original ones. In those days there were very few televisions. Yet the technology was not that developed to depict the VFX or other special effects. 

But with such advanced tech support and colossal media reach, the viewership of these new mythological shows are not up to the mark. The only reason is the soul and authenticity of the shows. They were made with extensive research and dedication. That’s the reason it connected with the audience so emotionally.

Why nation wants Shree Krishna and Jai Hanuman Back on Doordarshan 

Lockdown has provided the masses with a golden opportunity to live their childhood and adulthood back. Government’s initiative to telecast Ramayan, Mahabharat, Shree Krishna, Jungle Book, etc., has proved to be a masterstroke. It has garnered massive attention and helped people entertain and live at home. 

After Ramayan and Mahabharat, people now crave for the telecast of Shree Krishna and Hanuman on Doordarshan. And with the extension of lockdown, this demand may seem to rise. 

The relevance and love for these shows among the masses are so enormous that it can be proved with only a few facts.

The popularity of old Doordarshan TV shows

Bring back Shree Krishna and Jai Hanuman on Doordarshan

It was a delightful shock to know that Doodarshan saw a jump of 650 % in its growth of viewership, which is more than any other channel ever. Ramayan alone registered a whooping 17 crore viewership in just the first four episodes. This data is only from Hindi states. 

It is again a surprise that this data doesn’t include viewership of Mahabharat, Shaktimaan and other shows.

Even the digital traffic on Doordarshan’s Youtube Channel saw a massive 100% growth in the lockdown duration.

If we add all these data, it is beyond our imagination to measure how huge these shows are.


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No doubt the ’90s is the most happening decade for Doordarshan and India. All the TV shows were exceptional and are inscribed deep down in our memory lane. From Ramayan, Mahabharat, to Rangoli and Jungle Book, every play was epic.

Thus, increasing demand for retelecasts of shows like Shree Krishna and Jai Hanuman on Doordarshan seems genuine. To cater to the audience demand, Prasar Bharti has decided to launch a new channel “DD Retro”. This indeed will be a treat for everyone, and what’s better than to relive your childhood and adulthood. 

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