Be Vocal for Local Products – Swadeshi Movement 2.0

Be Vocal for Local Products – Mantra of Swadeshi Movement 2.0 in India : In his address to the nation, P.M. Narendra Modi emphasized the importance of Farmers, Labourers, and Local ( i.e., Indian) companies. Amid the Lockdown due to Coronavirus, everyone must have experienced how much important role a local infrastructure played. P.M. Narendra Modi relaunched the Swadeshi Movement 2.0 in India and gave the Mantra to Purchase Local and Be Vocal for Local Products.

Mantra of Swadeshi Movement 2.0 – Be Vocal for Local Products

Swadeshi Movement 2.0

Lockdown has hit the country’s economy very hard. Almost every sector is suffering due to this situation of Lockdown due to Coronavirus. And in these tough times, India could sustain because of its robust local demand and supply chain. Even not a multinational company but “Desi” Local manufacturing companies took all the charge in meeting the daily necessities of the country.

The onset of Swadeshi Movement 2.0 in India

While a huge profit is extracted from the Indian market and sent to other countries by these foreign manufacturing companies, rarely any such foreign company helped India in this ongoing crisis. 

P.M. Narendra Modi emphasized on the fact of how Indian companies are going through a tough phase but still are committed to serving our nation. Till now, we Indians have been mind washed through huge advertisements and stats stating how good the products from these foreign companies are. 

But little did we give importance to our made in India Local manufactured products. It’s high time we rise against these multinational companies, boycott their products, and ultimately adopt the Local products. As in the words of P.M. Narendra Modi – we should “Be Vocal for Local Products in India.” 

Mahatma Gandhi led the First Swadeshi Movement against the British and British goods. Mr. Narendra Modi has virtually launched Swadeshi Movement 2.0 with the same intent and soul but against these foreign companies.

We must come forward to support the dream of Mahatma Gandhi with the new vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Adopt Local Manufactured Products and Be Vocal for promoting them

Be Vocal for domestic Products manufactured in India.

Indian Local/desi Manufacturing Industries have a lot of potentials to rise and outperform these foreign companies. But they are restricted due to the inclination of Indian masses towards products from such companies. These companies were once Local and increased their market as we accepted their products open-armed; they got a chance to firm their feet in Indian Market.

They also have a vast capital which is spent in marketing on a large scale and thus, capturing the Indian Market.

If we are Vocal for Local products and promote them and consume them personally, we can outshine these companies.

What does Being Vocal for local Products means

Being Vocal for local Products means we should promote products that are manufactured in India itself by the Local Indian desi companies. We are in an economic war against countries like China and their products for a long time. China has strategically acquired a considerable market in India. Due to this, several Indian manufacturing companies are suffering.

Why Concept of Swadeshi 2.0 is must in India

British once used India as a market for their manufactured products. Even the raw materials were pulled out from India itself, then produced, and the final products were sold back in India. Thus, the wealth was driven back to Britain, and India was left with nothing.

 Be vocal for Local Products to stop the Drain of Wealth of India

Be Vocal for Local Products - Mantra of Swadeshi Movement 2.0 in India
Be Vocal for Local Products – Mantra of Swadeshi Movement 2.0 in India


Way back In 1867, DadaBhai Naoroji gave the theory of Drain of wealth in India in his book “Poverty and un-British Rule in India.” 

The method mentioned above was used by the British to extract the earnings made “of India and from India” and took everything back to their nation. Nothing was invested or left for India; it’s welfare and development.

This was not just administrative but a combination of –

  • Labour exploitation
  • The exploitation of Raw Materials
  • Local Market exploitation
  • Revenue extraction from India to Britain etc.,

The effects were severe, and India’s economy slowly dipped to a critical low. 

The Drain of Wealth of India in the current situation

There is a point to make by explaining the theory of Drain of Wealth in India.

As like British, these foreign multinational companies are –

  • Using Our Resources
  • Handling Our labour force
  • Using Our raw Materials ( only with few exceptions )
  • Exploiting our Local market
  • Generating revenue from India and Taking back the huge chunk to their nations.

Swadeshi Movement 2.0 and promoting “Vocal for Local products campaign”

India has always been in the prying eyes of foreign companies because of its immense capability to produce and consume. And periodically, they started capturing this humongous market of India.  

Let’s understand this with an example

Let’s take China for this purpose. China is the largest manufacturer in the world, and America holds second place. And you would be surprised to know that there is a difference of massive 11.80 % ( approx.) between them in terms of production and supply.

India as a market to other nations

China uses India as a huge market and sells its goods and takes back a large share of the revenue generated from India. This revenue, in return, is used for fulfilling their country’s economy and army needs. 

And this is not just the end. Apart from all other exploitation mentioned above, China uses India ( and other nations) to dump its e-waste. 

Since India is an Underdeveloped country, people are inclined towards cheaper goods due to small purchasing power. And China targets this very fact and dumps their e-waste in the form of cheap electronic items. 

Although we all know how reliable these Chinese products are, instead of being Vocal for Local products, we opt for these substandard products.

Thus, it hurts the country’s own local electronic manufacturing industries. They face a massive backlash from the consumer due to the low-cost nature of such products.

The irony is – We buy and even pay for those waste products and, in the process, help them by sacrificing our India’s manufacturing sector. 

Meanwhile, we are also overpowered by these countries globally and bullied for our weaker economy as compared to them. We even witness sporadic conflicts near borders and other space. Veto against India’s candidature for permanent membership at the United Nations is just one of such incidents.

How can we promote Swadeshi Movement 2.0 and Be Vocal for Local Products 

  • Boycotting products manufactured by foreign Companies


Be Vocal for Local Products - Mantra of Swadeshi Movement 2.0 in India
                  Vocal for local products in India Swadeshi vs Desi

Well, the time has come for the nation to Boycott foreign goods to the extent that once again, it is possible. Slowly and steadily, we will gain control over our demand through this boycotting and contributing to the nation’s production sector.

  • Adopting Swadeshi products manufactured by Indian Local Desi Companies

Vocal for local products in India Swadeshi vs Desi
Be Vocal for Local Products – Mantra of Swadeshi Movement 2.0 in India

Boycotting the products from foreign companies will lead to excessive demand. This demand could be catered by our efficient Local manufacturing and production sector. Thus, promoting Swadeshi goods will help in reviving this sector.

  • Consumption of goods made in India and not made in China or America.

While adopting Swadeshi itself means consuming goods made in India. But we must focus not just on Made in India but “Made by Indian companies in India.” There is a vast difference between these two terms.

Handloom products, Khadi, Local Pottery, Indian food joints, etc. must be our preferable option rather than the foreign retail chains, food joints, etc.

  • Promoting Local products on the ground level

Since the multinational foreign companies have deeper pockets, so, they invest a lot in advertising to the grass-root level in society. People are aware of them, and some companies even use several tactics to mix as the indigenous origin.

In this race, Indian companies lack due to lesser investment capability even though they could offer better.

Thus, it’s our responsibility to promote Local products on the ground level and spread awareness among the masses. Remember the Mantra “Be Vocal for Local Products.”

  • Encourage and assist the Establishment of Local manufacturing companies

Be Vocal for Local Products - Mantra of Swadeshi Movement 2.0 in India
                 Be Vocal for Local Products – Mantra of Swadeshi Movement 2.0 in India

There are several hurdles in establishing a full-fledged manufacturing unit in some states and places in India. In these places acquiring land for production and manufacturing purposes is not satisfactory. But this is something which should be addressed by the state and central government keeping in mind all the necessary aspects too.

  • Becoming self-sufficient in Terms of Raw material and Logistics

India has very rich, vibrant, and diverse demography. It has almost all the necessary raw materials available ( leaving a few exceptions like petroleum, etc.) for supporting the Local manufacturers and market. 

The only hurdle is to develop systematic machinery for connecting the supply and market chain. This chain starts from local resources ( farmers, land, natural resources, etc.) to the final delivery of the product. And a systematic address of this connection could result in better output and efficiency.

  • Utilizing our massive Human Resource

India is the second-largest populated country in the world and the youngest nation. This makes India – “the nation with the largest Young Human resources.” If this massive Human resource is utilized to the full potential, no other nation could even come closer to its aggrandizement. 

  • Incorporating tech in the whole system of production, demand, and supply

Foreign companies always have an Upper hand due to their advancement and accustomed ecosystem in technology. This makes their work easy and accelerates their process of production and supply.

Yes, India doesn’t have that developed tech ecosystem, but if we work from now on, we could surpass them easily.

Result of adopting Swadeshi Movement 2.0 and being Vocal for Local products

Coronavirus pandemic has struck the nation badly. Almost everyone is affected by Lockdown. And the life of farmers, labour class, and people in the business sector has turned upside down.

Be Vocal for Local Products - Mantra of Swadeshi Movement 2.0 in India
Be Vocal for Local Products – Mantra of Swadeshi Movement 2.0 in India

For two straight months, they had no work but expenses. Many small scale industries are on the verge of shutting down completely. The same is with the labour class who has no option left than to go back to their respective home town just to battle hunger and livelihood.

This onset of Swadeshi Movement 2.0 will encourage and support them to stand up once again. It will help them rebuild themselves and rejuvenate back. 

India’s role in the Global Market

Be Vocal for Local Products - Mantra of Swadeshi Movement 2.0 in India
Be Vocal for Local Products – Mantra of Swadeshi Movement 2.0 in India

Though globalization is somewhat necessary, why can’t we be the leading manufacturer and producer for the world market? We could easily overtake the world market through our products and replace China and America. 

With the abundance of resources and a huge market in itself, we can help robust our economy again. We can not just revive but make our economy the world’s largest. With a steady pace, we could achieve that feat too. 

Final Words

India itself is a developing nation and faces so many challenges in both the economic and infrastructure sectors. Although the rate of development looked nice, this pandemic and Lockdown disrupted everything.

We have won and come up with flying colours every time because of our self-will and hard work. And we can win this battle too. But this time, the war is economic in nature, and we can come out of it only through supporting our Local demand and supply chain i.e., our desi manufacturing units and Businesses. 

Deep down, we all know and must accept that we have encouraged foreign goods ( both physical and virtual) consumption, and this has somewhat weakened our own country’s industrial growth. We are yet to witness the Swadeshi – Industrial revolution in India to its full potential.

So, let’s pledge to promote Swadeshi products through being Vocal for Local Products manufactured in India and be the part of Swadeshi Movement 2.0.

Hope this article explains and clears all the about Being Vocal for Local and the virtual onset of Swadeshi Movement 2.0 . If you liked this article, please share. Also, please let us know what do you have to say on India’s move to promote products and services from Local businesses and manufacturers of India.


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