About Us

About Us

Hello guys! Welcome to HotViralPost.com . It’s very pleasing to know that you have queries related to me and this website.

So, let’s begin-

 Hello guys! my name is Abhi, a blogger by profession, tech enthusiast by heart and an entertainment freak. I have experience in blogging for over 3 years and it has been a tremendous journey. Blogging has helped me find my inner self.

HotViralPost.com ( HVP ) as been created with a prime objective to provide updates on topics that don’t get the desired platform and exposure. Hot Viral Updates will cover all hot and viral trending topics all around the globe. May that be from the field of technology, entertainment, Social, fashion, politics, sports, etc.

The website has been categorized into four verticals.

Viral Category has information related to the trending topics all around the globe. Tadka Category has all the unique updates related to Entertainment industry. On the other hand Hullabaloo Category covers some topics/issues which have great relevance to the society but don’t get enough coverage. Finally, the last category is Food N Travel and as the name suggests, through this section one can explore information related to the tempting world of  food and travelling.

Join my wagon and dive into the universe of information and updates a.k.a. Hot Viral Posts.