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Superfood SATTU – Name|Manufacturing|Benefits|Recipes

With the advertisement and publicity of numerous fancy superfoods like Spirulina, Sattu is such a Superfoods having the “Desi Touch”. While Sattu is a common staple in Indian states like Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, it has grown immensely popular globally. 

This article lets us know all the basic details of Superfood SATTU, its manufacturing, benefits, and much more. So, let’s get started !!

Origin / History of Sattu

Origin of Superfood Sattu
Desi Superfood Sattu

The Historical origin of Sattu is said to be from Tibet and was quite popular among the monks due to its efficacy while travelling. As these monks travelled to India for preaching, they brought Sattu along with them. In due course of time, Sattu was a familiar food among the Bihari peasants.

While referring to some ancient tales, Sattu is said to be an Origin of Bihar, India itself. However, the facts are yet to be examined for better understanding. But whatever may be the fact, it is unanimously accepted that Sattu has been popularised by the people of Bihar and later spread to other states too like Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal etc.

Several Names of Sattu in India

Terms used for Superfood Sattu-

1. India’s Oldest Instant Food-

Whenever one speaks of Instant food, the image of the food product that comes to our mind is Maggi or other instant noodles, pasta etc. But it is pretty refreshing to know that our Sattu is India’s oldest Instant food.

One doesn’t even need a cooktop or pan to prepare and consume it. You can eat it raw, have it as a drink after stirring it in water, or even have it with sugar/salt as well. Sattu mixes and blends with every possible way you want to consume it.

2. Sattu – Peasant’s Food

As discussed earlier, from ancient times, sattu has been popular among the people in Bihar, where the large population is dependent on agriculture. The farmers used to take Sattu along with them in the fields to curb their hunger after the rigorous fieldwork.

Also, Sattu is durable and long-lasting and doesn’t get spoiled over a long period of time if kept properly. 

Due to these above reasons, Sattu is termed as Peasant’s Food.

3. Desi Refreshment

You must be aware of the heat in North India in the Summer season. The temperature soared up to 47 degrees in recent years ( thanks to global warming too ). Some states even experience the “LOO” – which is Hot and Dry winds in summer. This results in heatstroke and dehydration.

Since Sattu has both a cooling effect and a nutritional aspect added to it, people consume it to fight heat stroke and maintain proper body fluids. Thus, Sattu is also popularly called DESI Refreshment.

Names of Sattu

  1. Sattu is called Roasted gram flour or Roasted Bengal gram flour in English. 
  2. Sattu is a Hindi term, so it is known by that name in most Hindi-speaking states in India.
  3. It is called Chhatua in Odisha.
  4. In Telangana/ Andhra Pradesh, it is known as Sattu Pindi.
  5. In Tamil Nadu Sattu is called Cattu Mavu.

Types of Sattu

It is to be noted that Sattu is of several types and is differentiated according to the cereal/crop it is made from, like wheat, jowar, barley, gram etc.

Manufacturing of Superfood Sattu / How to make Chana Sattu

Superfood Sattu is made from Bengal Gram
Superfood Sattu is made from Bengal Gram

The process of manufacturing Sattu is very simple yet interesting. Sattu is manufactured by processing gram / Bengal gram. 

Process of manufacturing roasted gram flour / Superfood Sattu

Stage 1. ) Bengal Gram / Dal is cleaned properly with the help of machines dedicated to pulses cleaning.

Stage 2.) The cleaned grams are then stored properly.

Stage 3.) These dried Dals / Bengal Gram are moved from the drying zone to the roasting area with the help of moving belts.

Step 4.) In the Roasting Zone, these grams are exposed to the Electric Roasting Machine for even temperature distribution.

Step 5.) Further after roasting, it is then powdered.

Step 6.) Later it is passed through a fine sieve to remove the coarse particles.

Step 7.) At last, the final product is packaged and is ready to serve.

How to make Sattu at Home

Well, if you prefer to have a homemade Sattu, you can prepare it on your own. Just follow the below instructions-

  1. Clean the required amount of Chana / Bengal gram.
  1. Roast it in a Kadahi / Wok/ Pan . You can use sand, if available, for even heating and proper roasting.
Roasted bengal Gram
Roasted Bengal Gram for preparation of Sattu
  1. Finely Powder the roasted gram with the help of a Mixer grinder. 

There you go, you now have a homemade Chana Sattu, which you can savour on.

Difference between Sattu and Besan

Since both are made from Chana, many people get confused a lot between Sattu and Besan. But there is a massive difference between both of them.

Bengal Gram Flour / Sattu is prepared by roasting the Bengal gram and then grinding and powdering it.

Whereas Besan / Gram flour is prepared by grinding gram lentils directly. 

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Nutritional Value of Superfood Sattu

S.I.Nutritional Components in SattuPer 100g
1.Energy380 kcal
2.Carbohydrates62.70 g
4.Protein22.40 g
5.Fat ( Mono + Poly + Saturated )5.50 g

From the above table, it is easy to understand how Sattu has acquired the Superfood status. One gets an instant 380 Kcal of energy in just 100 g of serving with 0 Cholesterol. It also has a very high protein value making it a good supplement. 

Some famous Recipes of Sattu

Superfood Sattu is a common ingredient of many food items. It is used as both the main ingredient as well as a side dish. Some of the food items prepared from Sattu are-

1.) Litti Chokha

Litti Chokha Recipe from Superfood Sattu- Credit ( Kabita’s Kitchen )

2. Sattu Paratha

3. Sattu Kachori

4. Ladoo

5. Refreshment Sattu Drinks/ Sharbat – sweet, spicy, sour or mixed.

6. Sattu Barfi

7. Sattu Halwa

In Bihar, Sattu is even consumed directly along with sugar, adding some water to it, making it like a dough.

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Benefits of Superfood Sattu

Sattu incorporates an abundance of Magnesium, Fiber, Iron, protein etc., in itself. These all nutrients result in many health benefits. Let us dig deep into some of the major benefits of Sattu and why you should prefer Sattu in Summer.

1.) Proper digestion and Bowel movement

Sattu is high in fiber and low in Sodium. As you must be knowing, Sodium causes bloating, which is very low in Sattu. Thus, it removes the chances of Gastric formation. Also, fiber is insoluble. 

Therefore, it forces the food from the stomach to the intestine for further digestion process. This helps the intestine to regulate the proper bowel movement. 

Thus, Sattu helps in aiding bowel movement and eradicates digestion and stomach complications. This is the reason that people suffering from constipation are advised to have Sattu in their regular diet.

2.) As Sattu is rich in Iron, it acts as a remedy for hair fall and skin related issues.

3.) Provides Cooling Effect

As discussed earlier, Sattu has a refreshing effect and helps in regulating and maintaining the body fluid. Thus, it provides a cooling effect in Summers and even helps in combating Sunstroke and dehydration.

4.) It has been scientifically proven that Sattu has a very low Glycemic Index. This makes it a perfect food for diabetic people.

5.) Since Sattu has almost Zero Cholesterol, it is ideal for people suffering from High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure.

6.) Going through the nutritional chart above, one can easily understand that Sattu is an excellent source of Energy. Thus it is often also termed as Desi Energy Booster and is distributed by several government agencies and NGOs among the malnutritioned children and people.

7.) Sattu helps in weight Loss

Yes, you read it absolutely right. Since Sattu is low in Sodium and high in protein, it enhances the digestive system and further enhances the body’s metabolism. Thus, it helps in shredding the extra kilos on your body.

Cost of Sattu / Where to get Superfood Sattu from

Cost of 1 Kg of Sattu– ₹ 260 to ₹ 360 ( approximately depending on quality and brands ).

Well Sattu can be purchased from any local general stores as well as from online e-retailers. Refer the below links if you are unable get the same from your local grocery stores.


Refreshment Drink from Superfood Sattu
Refreshment Drink from Superfood Sattu

Apart from having such a diverse nature and immensely beneficial, desi Superfood Sattu has not reached its pinnacle of glory yet. Still, it is thought to be centralised mainly in states like Bihar, Jharkhand, UP and West Bengal. 

Although it has started to make a mark in the global market, which is a good thing, a lot has to be done to make it stand in line with other fancy Superfoods like Spirulina, Berries etc. It’s notion to be a peasant’s food may be holding it back, but that is its USP, making it immensely popular among the Indian household.

I hope you liked this article. If you find it helpful, share and comment below. Let me know if I forgot to mention any fact. Stay tuned for more such information and posts on food and travel. 

General FAQ’s-

What is Sattu made of ?

Sattu is made by processing gram / Bengal gram. Bengal gram is cleaned, roasted and then powdered and the end product obtained is Sattu.

What is sattu called in English?

Sattu is known as Roasted gram flour in English.

What is the difference between Sattu and Besan ?

Roasted Gram Flour / Sattu is prepared by roasting the Bengal gram and then grinding and powdering it.
Whereas Besan / Gram flour is prepared by grinding gram lentils directly. 

Is sattu high in protein ?

Sattu is a very good source of protein. In 100g of Sattu their is approximately 22.40 g of proteins. Isn’t it amazing.

Does Sattu helps in reducing weight ?

As sattu is rich in Fiber, it helps in maintaining the digestion. Also, Since Sattu is low in Sodium and high in protein, which enhances the metabolism. Thus, regular usage of Sattu helps in reducing the weight.

Is Sattu good for skin ?

Since, Sattu is rich in protein and iron, it is very good for skin as well. Infact, many beauty products, natural face wash etc. have sattu and besan as their primary ingredients.

Is sattu gluten free ?

Yes, gluten free sattu can be purchased from any local grocery shop.

Can sattu be consumed after workout ?

Sattu is high in protein and thus can be consumed after workout. It will not only help your muscles/tissues but also help you in refreshment because of it’s cooling effetcs.


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