An Honest CUTTPUTLLI movie review 2022: Ratasan Remake?

This weekend I got the chance to watch Akshay Kumar’s New thriller – “Cuttputli”. So, does this movie combine all the ingredients to make an entertaining thriller?
Let’s check out this Honest Cuttputli review.

An Honest CUTTPUTLLI Review without Spoilers

CUTTPUTLLI (Kathputli) movie CUTTPUTLLI movie review
CUTTPUTLLI (Kathputli) movie CUTTPUTLLI movie review


  • Akshay Kumar as Arjan Sethi
  • Rakul Preet Singh as Divya
  • Chandrachur Singh as Narinder Singh
  • Hrishita Bhatt as Seema Singh Sethi
  • Renaye Tejani as Payal Singh Sethi
  • Sargun Mehta as Gudia Parmar SHO
  • Gurpreet Ghuggi as Guleria
  • Director – Ranjit Tewari
  • Screenplay and Dialogue Writer – Aseem Arora
  • Story – Ram Kumar

CUTTPUTLLI (Kathputli) movie 2022 Trailer

CUTTPUTLLI (Kathputli) movie 2022 Trailer / CUTTPUTLLI movie review

PLOT of “CUTTPUTLLI” without spoilers –

Akshay Kumar Plays an aspiring story writer in Punjabi Movie Industry. He has studied serial killers for years and worked on a story. But destiny has something else for him, and he ends up in Himachal Police as SI.
Meanwhile, Kasauli witnesses a systematic killing of school girls. The whole plot revolves around how the police department ( especially Akshay Kumar ) identifies the next victim and who is the serial killer.


Akshay Kumar always seems natural in the role of Cop or Armyman. He carries the movie smoothly on his shoulder pretty smoothly. However, it seemed as if something was missing from his charm.

It was a delight to watch CHANDRACHUR SINGH. Though he had ample screen time, there was nothing much for him to do. We would love to watch him more in upcoming projects.

Honest CUTTPUTLLI movie review
Honest CUTTPUTLLI movie review

I must appreciate Renaye Tejani as Payal Singh Sethi. If I am not exaggerating, she had the finest performance among all the characters. She seemed natural in every frame and portrayed her part excellently.

Another character who needs to be applauded is Sargun Mehta as Gudia Parmar SHO. She played a tough and rigid cop who was negligent to her juniors but was also devoted to her duty. Her acting seems effortless.

How to Watch the movie Cuttputlli

One can watch/stream CUTTPUTLLI on Disney+ Hotstar.

Movie Cuttputtli Review

Cuttputli is a Hindi remake of the famous Tamil Crime Thriller movie – “Ratsasan” with leads as Vishnu Vishal, Amala Paul, Saravanan etc.
First, the movie was decided to be named Mission Cinderella in Hindi. But later on, the movie’s name was changed to Cuttputlli.

Frankly speaking, if you have watched Ratsasan, this movie has nothing new to offer you. Even the songs are pretty much lame. You will start comparing it with the original direction and performance and end up dissatisfied.
On the other hand, if you haven’t watched Ratsasan, you will definitely like the movie.
The movie offers a thrilling storyline where you are curious about what comes next. The pace of the movie supports the story till the first half. But the duration of over 2 hours feels useless and should have been trimmed to around 1.5 hours or so.

As the movie surpasses this duration, you start feeling tired. Although there is a bunch of great cast in the movie, the director focuses more on Akshay Kumar as if no other character seemed of that much importance. Any unknown face could have played those roles/characters, and it would have done the job.
I also talked to a few team members, and no one was satisfied with the final brawl and ending. It should have been crisp and should have packed better action and suspense.

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CUTTPUTLLI movie review 2022
CUTTPUTLLI movie review 2022

Personally, I’m not too fond of the concept of making remakes. Gone are the days when people didn’t know what other film industries were producing. With the onset of high-speed Internet, streaming websites and Apps, people now have enough exposure to all the contents offered by different movie industries – Indian or Abroad.
There is no point in making such remakes of an already blockbuster movie or even song.
Well, that’s my point of view, but still, if you haven’t watched the Tamil or Telugu version yet, I must say that CuttPutlli is a good entertainer.
It sits anywhere between an average movie and a very good movie. So, it is definitely a good entertainer which you will enjoy.

  • Ratings- 3.5/5


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