Know all about Jitendra Kumar “Jeetu Bhaiyya”

Know all about Jitendra Kumar – Jeetu from TVF, Youtube

Jitendra Kumar Subh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan

Engineers are the most diverse super-humans in India. And believe me, that’s not sarcasm. Engineers are the species who can be found in every field may that be scientists, secretariat, govt. posts, actors and whatnot. Jeetendra Kumar is one such personality. So, let’s know who is Jitendra Kumar “Jeetu” from TVF, Youtube.

Early Life of Jeetenrda Kumar a.k.a. Jeetu Bhaiyya-

              Jeetendra Kumar was born in the year 1990 in Khairthal, Alwar in Rajasthan. He was born in the family of Engineers. His father was a civil engineer too. His early schooling was from his hometown itself. And like other middle-class families, he too was destined to pursue Engineering from IITs. So, he left for Kota and started preparation. He was finally selected for IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal. 

College Life of Jitendra Kumar from TVF-

Jitendra Kumar a.k.a. Jeetu Bhiayya Subh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan

Jitendra took Civil Engineering getting inspired by his father. On the very first day of his college, he was forced by his seniors to act an Impromptu Elocution act in the name of Ragging. Jitendra was handed a brief script of Al Pacino, from the movie “The Scent of a woman” released in the year 1992.

Since Jitendra was not exposed to Hollywood cinema, it was very tough for him to even recite the dialogues in English to leave the enacting part. But he tried and slowly read the lines although there were no emotion and fluency in dialogue delivery. 

               His seniors were quite impressed by his courage and appreciated him. They even suggested he work on his acting skills. Jeetendra knew that his family has huge expectations from him and he cannot let them down. His father wanted him to grab a good job and later start his own construction company. Thus, he was very much content to college life and like other engineering college students enjoyed every bit of his college life. 

Early Career of Jitendra Kumar before TVF- 

          Meanwhile, he met a senior Biswapati Sarkar, who was very much into writing and dramas. And after knowing that Jeetendra has an interest in acting, he offered him to join his team of engineers who were trying to make their name in digital media. So, he worked a few skits with them. But they didn’t get that much response. 

              Meanwhile, Biswapati had a script from his college days. The story of the script revolved around a character Munna Jazbati- The Q-tiya intern”, who is very sentimental and emotional about everything in his life.

Biswapati asked Jeetendra to enact the character which he did. But due to sheer pressure for making his career, after college, he joined a company in Bangalore and started doing 9 to 5 job. After 8 months, this play was released and to everyone’s delight, the skit was a massive hit. Even Jeetendra’s colleagues started praising him for his role. 

TVF Jeetu Bhiayya Subh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan

            Biswapati was also very happy and recommended him to learn acting as a professional and join NSD. All pumped up and charged, Jeetendra went to the National School of Drama (NSD). He cleared first round easily. But during the interview, he was very disappointed.

At NSD interviewer asked him if he knew dance and classical music which he didn’t obliviously. They also to him that there was no point in joining acting after Engineering. He felt very humiliated and decided to prove them all wrong. Jeetendra left his job and moved to Mumbai. He immediately called Biswapati and joined TVF (Total Viral Fever) team.

Jitendra Kumar’s Journey in TVF –

Jeetu Bhiayya TVF

        Jitendra was immediately offered to act in a YouTube series “ Permanent Roommates”. He portrayed the role of Gittu who is Junior to Mikesh Chaudhry “Sumeet Vyas” and also his childhood friend. Since Gittu is a novice at interaction with girls, he seeks advice from Mikesh. 

             The series was a massive blockbuster at YouTube and Jeetendra’s role became a huge hit among the audiences. This also proved to be a turning point in his career. His family was also convinced that he could make a full-fledged career in acting. 

        And this was just the beginning of a shining career ahead. The next big project offered to him was TVF Pitchers of the character Jitendra Maheshwari who is a frustrated working professional. Jitendra is not happy with his 9 to 5 work life and wants to work independently. His pairing with Aakanksha Thakur became immensely popular. Later they worked in several other series for TVF.

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Jitendra Kumar’s new Avatar as “Jeetu Bhaiyya” –

Jitendra Kumar Jeetu Bhiayya movie Subh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan

      Jitendra was next seen in TVF Bachelors season 2 as Jeetu which was based on the new generation’s bachelor life. Immediately after this hit series, he was then paired with Gajraj Rao in the series “Tech Conversations with Dad”. This series also featured him as “Jeetu” who’s father is curious about technology and mobile apps. 

                     All of these series became a superhit and he was now famous among the youngsters as “Jeetu”. People started recognizing him as “Jeetu” and this was a very satisfying feeling for him. This was the moment he decided to move out of his shell and explore in the movies.

Jitendra Kumar’s Debut on Silver Screen “Bollywood” –

Jitendra marked his first presence on Big Screen through a brief role in the movie “A Wednesday” as a taxi driver. But he made his full-fledged debut through the movie “Gone Kesh”. The story of the movie revolves around a teenage girl who is an aspiring dancer and mode. But she started losing her hair and was diagnosed with Alopecia. 

      Although the movie had a unique story audience was not able to gather an audience at the theatres. This was disheartening for Jeetu. But still, his character was praised by everyone. TVF again featured him in the next big project “ KOTA FACTORY” as Jeetu Bhaiyya. He played the role of a teacher in a coaching institute who is very passionate about teaching and encouraging students.

Rather it could be said that every series he played where his name was “Jeetu” worked like a charm for both TVF and Jitendra as well.

Some Famous YouTube Series of Jitendra a.k.a. “Jeetu Bhaiyya”

  •  Permanent Roommates

  •  TVF Pitchers

  • TVF Bachelors

  • Tech Conversations with DAD

  • Kota Factory

  • TVF Truth or Dare with dad

Jeetu has appeared in many other videos of TVF with brief roles.

Where can you connect with actor Jitendra Kumar “Jeetu:”


Jitendra Kumar “Jeetu” to work opposite Ayushman Khurrana in his next movie “ Subh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan”

Subh Mangal Savdhan was a huge hit and Ayushman Khurrana is back with its sequel. We all know Ayushman Khurranan as an actor who works in the movies which always has something unique to offer. 

      Subh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan movie is based on the Gay community and what are the difficulties they have to face due to societal pressure and community acceptance but with some situational comedy. Jitendra Kumar “Jeetu Bhaiyya” is paired against Ayushman Khurrana as his love interest. 


Some facts about Jitendra Kumar’s Life-

Q.) When was Jitendra Kumar Born?

A.) Jitendra Kumar was born in 1990.

Q.) Where is Jeetu of TVF from? Birth Place of Jitendra Kumar ?

A.) Jeetu Bhaiyya is from Khairtal, Alwar, Rajasthan.

Q.) Jitendra Kumar studied in which college?

A.) IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal.

Q.) What is Jeetu Bhaiyya’s educational qualification?

A.) Jeetu Bhiyya is a Civil Engineer from IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal.

Q.) Jitendra Kumar debut movie?

A.) A Wednesday

Q.) Jitendra Kumar Debut in Bollywood as lead Role?

A.) From the movie Gone Kesh.

Q.) What are the Hobbies of Jitendra Kumar?

A.) Jitendra Kumar likes to write, listen to music and watching Shah Rukh Khan Movies.

Q.) Height of Jitendra Kumar?

A.) 5 feet 6 inches.


Jitendra Kumar Jeetu Bhiayya Subh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan

         Jitendra Kumar “Jeetu” is a live example of how one can make his path with dedication and hard work. Jitendra Kumar’s family background is nowhere associated with movies and acting.

Still, its the sheer passion that helped him travel a journey from a civil engineer to a popular Youtube star and now in Bollywood. And his new movie Subh Mangal zyada Saavdhan is certainly going to rock on the box office. HPV congratulates his recent achievements and wishes him the best for his future. But for every hardcore digital content audience, he will always be our “Jeetu Bhaiyya”. 

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