TVF Panchayat Review : Jeetu Bhaiyya rocks again

TVF Panchayat Review: TVF is always known for its creative content with satire and comedy being their USP, and TVF’s “Panchayat” is no different. And what’s better than casting their biggest superstar Jitendra Kumar in their web series. All the magic ingredients put together and Jeetu Bhaiyya rocks again in the role of ordinary frustrated youth. Without a due Let’s get started with TVF Panchayat Review.

TVF Panchayat Review

Synopsis of TVF “Panchayat”

Abhishek Tripathi is an unemployed youth who is struggling to get a job. He craves a typical 9 to 5 job in a city where he could enjoy his life. But he is unable to grab a seat in MBA college. His only option left is to take up the job of Panchayat secretary in a virtual village of Uttar Pradesh – “Phulera.”

TVF Panchayat review

He reluctantly joins the job, and from there, a never-ending situational drama starts in his life. His office serves him as his home too. He is welcomed by the Panchayat administration there but is annoyed by their chaotic behavior.

He compares his life with that of his friend and very soon realises that his future seems dark. He then decides to crack CAT, and it is the only thing that could save him. He turns him all focus only on studying.

Story of “Panchayat”

Writer Chandan Kumar takes you to real-life situations in a village. The web series has a total of eight episodes, and every episode deals with the root malpractices and general issues in Indian communities.

You get to see how a lady (Neena Gupta) is projected to contest and win in a reserved seat of “PRADHAN” in the village. But in reality, his husband (Raghubir Yadav) manages everything and has all administrative power in his hand, although there is a struggle of supremacy too.

TVF Panchayat review

Meanwhile, Abhishek is still struggling to study because of frequent power cuts and other issues which emerge every then and now. Even though he doesn’t want to deviate from his goal, he gets involved in those situations and somehow manages to solve them. 

With every episode, you feel a sense of connection to those issues and situations.

TVF Panchayat review Jeetendra Kumar Jeetu Bhaiyya

Life in a village is never that easy for someone who has lived in a city his entire life. There is no nightlife and villages shut just after it gets dark. Similarly, the morning starts even before it gets brightened up. Villagers still find a way or two to party in their ways.

Meanwhile, preparing for CAT, Abhishek deals with some serious issues (somewhat for his self-interests) like Patriarchy, male ego, family planning, etc. 

Scenes related to revolving office chairs, government schemes, crimes, dowry driven marriages, and how Abhishek deals with them, comes out to be epic. 

Lead Characters of TVF Panchayat –

TVF Panchayat review Jeetu Bhaiyya rocks again

Direction by Deepak Kumar Mishra is tight and never deviates from the plot of the story, whereas the music holds the soul of the narrative. 

Veteran Raghubir Yadav is flawless as usual. You are forced to notice only him because of his excellent performance and dialogue delivery.

Neena Gupta, though, has a smaller role, keeps your eyes glued to only her.

Jitendra Kumar a.k.a. Jeetu Bhaiyya is fantastic in his role and seems genuine in every scene. His depiction of unemployed youth, dissatisfied with his current job, and his current situations come out naturally. Jitendra’s rant on helplessness, not adjusting to the village life and motivation to come out of that so-called miserable life, seems realistic. 

Other characters-

  • Biswapati Sarkar – Prateek
  • Chandan Roy – Vikas
  • Faisal Malik – Prahlad Pandey
  • Vishwanath Chatterjee – Sub Inspector
  • Subhendu Chakraborty – Mangal

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TVF Panchayat Review

As per Jitendra Kumar a.k.a. TVF’s Jeetu Bhaiyya-

      “ I am enjoying the massive response given to my movie Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan. Panchayat, too is huge for me. I experienced the real working of panchayats and how people cope up with the real-life issues and situations at that place

And I was accompanied by some veteran actors like Raghubir sir and Neena Ji with whom I have shared the screen before also. She is sweet and fun-loving too. People like them fill you up with positive vibes and energy. I hope people will give a positive response to our hard work for this show as well.”

While asking about TVF Panchayat Review and show releasing in Lockdown, he says-

   “ Lockdown is a good chance for people to watch their favorite shows after completing their household works. Even I live alone, and my day goes on in tasks like cooking, cleaning, etc. What’s better than having something to watch and entertain.”

Byte Source- Deccanherald , Indiatoday

Final Verdict

Review TVF Panchayat

Panchayat is undoubtedly a must-watch series where you feel and relate to the real-life issues and situations depicted. There are rarely some shows which have minor or no loopholes, and this show is one of them. Witty dialogues, light-hearted humor, and take on social issues will leave you satisfied and entertained in this situation of Lockdown.

The show is released on Amazon Prime.

  • Ratings- 4.5

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