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Best Human Like TTS software to convert text into sound 2021

Recently I was in search of a good voiceover artist for my business presentations. To my surprise, most of them were booked, thanks to the lockdown and work-from-home scenario. Many small and mid-level businesses need such voiceover artists to promote their products.

And the one or two artists I somehow managed to quote a very high charge to which I straight forward nodded in no.

So, I started searching for something randomly and came through TTS softwares from google and other companies. At the first go, they seemed okay-ish, but when I embedded my presentations, they sounded very robotic and didn’t sound professional at all.

Now the path was known where and what to look for. I started digging up even more and finally found the best Human-like TTS software to convert Text into sound for my presentations and other Youtube Videos ( I will explain this in the latter part of the article), and that’s- “SPEECHLO.”

Best TTS Software to convert Text into sound

Well, honestly, there were dozens of Text to Speech softwares, some free and some paid. As expected, the free was of no use. I shortlisted the two best text-to-speech softwares, and after the trial, I zeroed to “Speechlo.”

Why I choose Speechlo over other Text to speech softwares (Review)

Basic Pros

1.) The only software where the output came unrealistically too human

Speechlo is perhaps the only text into sound converter software with such a realistic human like voice output

Although the other software was also good ( I will cover that in my next article), Speechlo sounded more human and real. I tested it with my assistant, and he could not judge if the output were from software- ( Now you know Poor JK !! ).

2.) Speechlo was the only software that incorporated Human emotional touch

Since humans are mostly influenced by the emotional quotient and our business presentations must have it for better connection. Speechlo is the only TTS software to tweak the output into a normal tone, joyful tone, or serious tone.

It helps in producing better engagement videos.

3.) No further need for any Voice-Over artist for dubbing the commercials

My requirements were optimally met from the above two points. So, I had no further need of any Voice-Over artist for dubbing my business presentations. Also, I need to pay a lot every time for new video logs or promotions in which sometimes we even have to come across a few unreliable freelancers. But now, I can avoid them all.

Although I must also include that many freelancers are still very good and present the work way before the expected duration.

4.) The software is paid yet Cheap

Confused – Don’t be !!

Well, since voiceover artists charged a lot higher, this single software catered to all my needs, and I can publish countless presentations, Sales videos, training videos, and commercials just by subscribing for a month. This makes it the most cost-effective TTS software in the real world.

5.) I can make videos on Youtube without showing face and using voice

And that’s something which I came up with for myself.

While I was recording a whiteboard training presentation for a brand using speechlo, I thought of using it in their Youtube promotional videos as well, and the results came out to be astonishing.

The watch time and views both increased exponentially due to the professional depth in the voice in the video.

I later used it in a few other Youtube videos as well in different brands ( as I needed no extra cost for that ). And every time, the results came out positive.

So, I must say that if you are someone who wants to make YouTube videos without showing your face and using your original voice, test Speechlo for a month or two, and you will be mind blown by the results.

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6.) No language Barrier

Till now, I have used Speechlo to target users from the US, UK, and Indian markets, and I must say, this software works equally well and catches the style of speech of that ethnicity pretty well.

And you too must be aware that this is very important for making the presence felt for sales and even training. 

7.) It can work with most of the renowned Video editing softwares

Well, I use Camtasia the most, and it works like a charm with it. However, it works with almost every known video and audio editing tool like Adobe Premiere, iMovie, Audacity, etc. So, that’s something which comes in handy operating it on several tools as per the ease of use.

How I learned to use the Speechlo software

Speechlo Human Like TTS software to convert text into sound
Speechlo Human Like TTS software to convert text into sound

No, I didn’t need to.

Although I am a little bit aware of the editing softwares but trust me, anyone can use it without any prior knowledge. They need to know “Copy, Cut, and Paste.”

If I need to explain the working steps of Speechlo Software, it will go as-.

  • Copy the text/script you want to present.
  • Paste it to the Speechlo text editor tool. Since it’s an A.I. Text-To-Speech software, it will work on identifying punctuations and pauses.
  • The next step is to choose the language, country, gender, and age.
  • For Example, you want a Female voice with US English or a kid’s voice with UK English, select accordingly. There are approximately 23 language options, including- Spanish, French, German, Hindi, etc. More languages mean more marketing and sales.
  • Now add pauses, breathing sounds, and emotions like serious, joyful, or just normal.
  • Click on Generate and download, and your file is ready to use.

Wasn’t that simple !!

Cons of this software

  • It’s Paid !!

Honestly speaking, yes, I was searching for the free options, and I even got a few. But they never provided a human-like sound output that Speechlo generated.

Who should opt for Speechlo and who should not 

So, if you are someone who needs to experience TTS software once, avoid Speechlo and go for GOOGLE text to speech software. You can even use them in your school and college projects.

But If you mean real Business- More Reach, More Engagement, and More sales you must try Speechlo AI Text to speech software for at least one month. This will enable you to target users across the globe from the United States, United Kingdom, India, France, Turkey, etc.

Similarly, If you create Youtube videos, Whiteboard animations, Tutorials, and educational videos, etc., you too should give Speechlo a shot as the result generated by us is surprisingly good.

It boosted the views and watch time and also helped in getting more genuine subscribers.

What made me use Speechlo and What’s the biggest catch

The company claims a 60 days Money back guarantee if you create a voiceover with Speechlo and it doesn’t turn out to be Human-like. You can even keep all the generated files for free!!

I, too, purchased the subscription reading these lines. And I have not got the chance to ask for a refund. Let’s see if you get one !!


I have all praises for the Speechlo A.I. Humans like Text speech software, the only con being the paid subscription. But as said- every best thing has a price. 

It is perhaps the best human-like TTS software to convert Text into sound in 2021, so the developer needs to be rewarded. After all, We are saving huge on expensive Voice Over Artists, generating revenue through sales and Earning on YouTube videos.

Free Text to Speech Software- Google TTS

Google free Text to speech software A I TTS Software
Free Text to speech software
A I TTS Software


Q.) What is the best text to speech software?

A.) In free text t speech software, Google TTS is good. Among the paid best text to speech software- Speechlo is way ahead among the competitors.

Q.) Is Google TTS free?

A.) Yes Google text to Speech is absolutely free with unlimited voiceovers in file formats like MP3, WAV etc.

Q.) How can I convert text to voice?

A.) There are many artificial Intelligence software like Google TTS which gives you option to convert you text into sound.

Q.) What does TTS mean?

A.) Well TTS stands for Text-To-Speech, which converts the texts into audio.

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