Pros and Cons of Lockdown in India

Pros and cons of Lockdown in India: India is nearing the end of its 21 days of lockdown period. Now the bigger question in everyone’s mind is whether the Lockdown will be lifted or will it be extended. Well, that’s something which is not clear, and no official statement has been issued by any government spokesperson. But whether it is lifted or extended, people are witnessing many pros and cons of Lockdown in India. 

 Let’s analyse a few of such pros and cons of Lockdown in India.

Cons of Lockdown in India

1.) The sinking of Economy –

Pros and Cons of Lockdown in India sinking of economy

  This is something which is not at all hidden from anybody. Due to the Lockdown, almost all industry, factory, corporate, small/medium or large service sectors etc. all are closed completely. Thus, the Nation’s Economy is on the verge of sinking. Many economists have already said that this Lockdown will drag India’s Economy to a record low in recent years.

2.) Many people losing their livelihood

   Since almost everything is entirely closed in Lockdown, people are losing their livelihood. There are many small organisations which cannot afford to pay their employees on a usual basis. Also, small businesses, shops, retail chains etc. are having the most significant impact on them due to the Lockdown. It has been hard for them to survive this lockdown condition.

          And if we just picture the daily wagers, that image is horrendous. No word can describe the situation they are in.

3.) Closure of Schools and Colleges

Pros and Cons of Lockdown in India closure of schools and colleges

  All schools and colleges are closed until further notice. This is impacting the education sector. Almost every school or college starts its new session in April. Thus, teachers and students will have a tough time to cover their syllabus. Meanwhile, summer is about to achieve its peak, which means that these educational institutions will have to go for summer vacations too. 

Although the government is somewhat planning for digital classes, that is not something which doesn’t seem practical in a nation like India, where a large population lives in villages. Lockdown has undoubtedly proved to be harsh on educational institutions.

 4.) Rationing, Hoarding and Black marketing 

  Government is facing a huge challenge to cope up with providing the need for food and food items to the neediest and poor people. Although many schemes have been announced and many private organisations to have come to support the cause. 

Pros and Cons of Lockdown in India rationing , black marketing and hoarding

But due to large demography and huge population, this task is becoming very tough. Still, the government, private organisations and people must be applauded for their selfless and hard work towards providing these essentials to the needy.      

Hoarding and black marketing of ration is something which is becoming common. Reports have been registered in several places that people are selling the goods at higher prices. Although the government is taking strict action on them, these cases are still being recorded, which is unacceptable.

5.) Increase in Domestic Violence

Pros and Cons of Lockdown in India Increase in domestic violence

  One of the most shameful and bitter truths is the increase in domestic violence in Lockdown. Several reports of growth in domestic violence against women are being reported across the globe. People with detrimental minds are just not able to cope up with Lockdown. While they are getting a golden chance to be with their family, incidents of domestic violence are being witnessed all over the world. 

Hope strict actions will be taken against such noxious people.

6.) Spending more time on mobile and usage of more data

Pros and Cons of Lockdown in India usage of more data

  Mobile companies are facing a surge in the usage of data. Due to this, many video streaming services have turned off their option of full HD videos. Usage of OTT and streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube etc., has increased.

Also, this has led to restlessness. While few people are using this facility to enhance their knowledge and productivity, a large population is doing the opposite.

7.) Couples are facing a tough phase

  On a lighter note, many couples are facing a tough phase. They are unable to meet each-other.

But on a serious note, there are many married people too, who due to some reasons ( office, work etc. ) are stuck in other cities. And well being of one – another is a real concern for them.

8.) Street animals are starving too

Pros and Cons of Lockdown in India street animals starving

  Since all the local shops, restaurants, Dhabas, etc., are closed. Street animals are unable to get food quickly. This is serious as well because these animals depend on such sources for food. While a few NGOs and locals have come forward to help them, that’s not enough. But still, we cannot blame anyone too as saving the life of humans is the topmost priority as of now. But even more NGOs and private organisations should come forward for their help also.

9.) A big question mark on new vacancies  

Pros and Cons of Lockdown in India a big question mark on vacancies      

       Since Lockdown has marked a massive impact on all the sectors ( pharmacy and few being exceptions ), new vacancies and jobs creating seem too tricky. People who are already having a job are afraid of losing their jobs.

Several government vacancies have already been halted and when they get cleared is a big question.

10.) Circulation of Rumours

  The most dangerous thing which people shouldn’t be involved in is the circulation of Rumours. But still, several rumours are floating every then and now. And it has become tough to cope up with such rumours. 

Several rules have been made to punish such people indulged in spreading rumours. Thus, it’s HVP‘s appeal not to be the part of any rumours at all.

Pros of Lockdown in India

After reading so many cons of Lockdown in India, don’t get disheartened at all. The world is not ending, and everything is not over. After every dark phase, the light comes too. Thus, this Lockdown has several Pros also. 

So, let’s discuss some of such Pros of Lockdown in India.

1.) Defeating Corona

Pros and Cons of Lockdown in India Defeating corona

  Due to the Lockdown, India has managed to avoid the third phase of community transmission of the corona. The sole reason being the Lockdown.

The social distancing has provided an excellent duration to the doctors and other health workers to test and quarantine the infected and suspects.

Thus, saving the massive population from getting infected.

2.) Reduction in Air pollution 

Pros and Cons of Lockdown in India reduction in air pollution

  Cities like Delhi, Patna etc. face a massive challenge in the name of air pollution. On regular days, people are forced to remain at home just to cope up with this Air Pollution. Many steps like Odd-Even scheme etc., have been taken by the government to cope up with this alarming air pollution. 

           But due to this Lockdown, Air pollution has been decreased to several folds. And it is about to reach a healthy state. People living in these cities can breathe fresh air without the use of any Air Purifiers, which is excellent and one of the biggest pros of lockdown in India.

3.) Rivers getting self-cleaned 

Pros and Cons of Lockdown in India rivers getting self cleaned

  Just like Air Pollution, Water pollution has also been an enormous concern. Life without freshwater is something which anyone cannot imagine. Central and state governments have introduced several schemes, but everything seemed useless. 

But to everyone’s surprise, this Lockdown has provided some precious duration to these rivers for self-cleansing. The water of rivers like Ganga and Yamuna are becoming clean and transparent, which are soapy and blackish in visuals. This is a welcome change, and something must be done to retain these rivers in this current situation only. This surely comes under pros of Lockdown in India.

4.) Detoxification for Alcoholic and Smokers

Pros and Cons of Lockdown in India detoxification of alcoholic and smokers 

  Everyone who consumes alcohol or smokes knows the side effects of it. Still, with so many warnings printed on their covers and several advertisements, fruitful results were not acquired. 

     But due to the Lockdown in India, people are unable to fulfil their addiction. Yes, it is temporary, but still, it is helping them detox. It should be included in the list of pros of Lockdown.

5.) Spending time with family

Pros and Cons of Lockdown in India Being with family

 The most common excuse everyone gives is the lack of time to spend with their family. This Lockdown has provided ample duration to be with family and enjoy with them.

There is no pressure to report in the office or work, nor they need to go out for any business meetings. Thus, they can allot every second for their grandparents, parents, spouse and children. This will also result in improving the “HAPPINESS INDEX” of the Nation.

6.) Exploring their craft and hobbies

Pros and Cons of Lockdown in India exploring their crafts and hobbies

In a day to day life, people are unable to explore their hobbies and interests. They are now investing this lockdown period in polishing their craft and living their hobbies. This will somewhat result in increasing their productivity and helping them channelise their energy in better ways.

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7.) The decrease in crime rate

While people are busy reading the newspaper and watching news channels about the corona, one thing, they are not noticing. And that is a drastic decrease in crime rate. 

This Lockdown has helped in decreasing the crime to a new low. Imagine the situation if there was no lockdown in India, then what this situation of panic due to corona could have turned into like few countries. Several riots, theft, etc., could have surfaced. But everything is in check, which is good.

8.) Awareness for hygiene

Pros and Cons of Lockdown in India awareness for hygiene

 Lockdown has sprouted the feeling of maintaining hygiene among the people. The same people who used to neglect it are now making sure to keep proper social distancing and sanitising themselves regularly. 

 Even when they are at home, they are washing their hands frequently and maintaining personal hygiene, which is a welcome change and must be done.

9.) Eating healthy food

Pros and Cons of Lockdown in India eating healthy home cooked food

 India is known for food and spices. Anywhere you go you will find a lot of food varieties even on the streets. They are tempting but are not at all suitable for health.

Lockdown in India has taught them to cook at home and to eat healthily. Home-cooked food is the best, and that is what they are building a habit of having.

10.) Several courses being offered for free

Pros and Cons of Lockdown in India several courses online

  Several organisations, like TCSION, GOOGLE, MOZ, etc., are offering free courses for the period of Lockdown. Thus, people are getting enough opportunity to develop their skills. 

      Some organisations are even providing certificate courses for free. This is truly a golden opportunity one must grab. 

Such courses have already benefited several people. And Lockdown has also provided precious duration for the students to learn and revise for their upcoming examinations, which is excellent.


Pros and Cons of Lockdown in India

 Well, there are several pros and cons of Lockdown in India. But we must have an optimistic approach with some caution. We know that Lockdown in India is a reality. Then why not to grow through it with some productivity.

       We don’t know if the Lockdown will be extended or not. But it does get extended, accept it happily and think of it as a golden opportunity to be with your family. After all, everything narrows to you, your family and nation. And the nation demands you to be at home and stay safe.

Please don’t spread rumours.

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