Radhe Review: Bas dekh liya!!

After many prayers and immense courage, we too dared to watch Radhe movie – “Bhai ka picture”. So, after watching the movie, I thought, why suffer alone, hence writing this review to make you feel the same I did.

So, let’s get started with the Radhe review !!

Radhe Review: Storyline

Trailer of Radhe / Radhe Movie Review

Mix 250g of “Wanted”, 250g of “JAI HO”, 250g of “Dabangg”, and 250g of “Kick”. Hurray, you are left with a complete 1 Kg package of Radhe. Hope you got the storyline; if not, you can read further.

The story ( inspired by Korean Movie The Outlaws ) starts with the villain’s entrance – “RANA” (Randeep Hooda), who invades Mumbai to rule the criminals and establish his legacy in drug peddling.

Thus it resulted in the increase of menace of drug addiction among the youth. To curb the crime, the police department agrees to assign the die-hard encounter specialist “RADHE “in this case.

And as Bhai says- “Ek baar jo maine commitment kar diya toh main apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta”, Salman didn’t listen to the fans and did this movie-

Why Bhai Why !!

Meanwhile, the drug syndicate gets bigger and bigger with establishing the supremacy of RANA among the gangs in Mumbai. But still, he chooses to live in a factory and eat on paper plates. 

He has No show-off, seriously the most down to earth “Don” you would see. Even he doesn’t appoint more goons and tries to work day in and day out efficiently with just two sidekicks.

Radhe Movie Review
Movie Radhe Review

Radhe, to fulfil his promise, is on his mission to solve the case before one student passes his board exams. After all, he knows that corona and exams will definitely get postponed and delayed, more time to solve the case. Clever cop, right !!

Oh, I forgot to mention that Jackie Shroff is playing his subordinate senior, the brother of Radhe’s love interest Diya ( Disha Patani ). But never mind, it’s better to forget him. He works very hard to create some magic comic moments with Salman, but with lame jokes, everything seems lame.

Diya portrays the role of an emerging model. Mistaking Radhe as an aspiring model, she works upon her sources to help Radhe get good modelling projects. Later she falls in love with him and, in the latter part, gets to know that Radhe is a cop.

The movie’s plot revolves around how Radhe chases RANA all along the film to stop his drug nexus. They get into a brawl multiple times, but Rana slips from his hand again and again. What happens in due course is very predictable, and that’s what the movie is all about.

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The movie is all about Salman Khan – “The most wanted Bhai”, and one gets what the title says. One can expect a full-fledged “Bhai Ka Picture”, where everything goes the way BHAI wants and does.

So, nothing can be said about the performance of Salman Khan. He did what he always does in every movie – Mindless Action, Over the top dialogues in his style, lively dance (after all, he thinks so) etc.

Disha Patani had very little to do appearing here and there. She appears here and there in the movie, the bonus being the dance numbers. However, she tried hard to have some impact but couldn’t deliver due to the limited role.

Radhe Review
Radhe Movie Review

Jackie Shroff plays the role of a Senior Cop who is used just for comic relief. But with lame jokes and one line liners, he too struggled a lot. Scenes between him and Salman Khan could have been better with some good dialogues.

We all know Randeep Hooda is an outstanding actor and can shine even in a small role. But every time you see him along with Salman Khan, you know he is about to make a blunder. His position looks pretty monotonous. 

Although he seems very rugged and intense in the fight scenes, he has very few dialogues. He had very few chances to develop his character more than a “roadside gunda” to a real larger than life Don persona.


Prabhu Deva is known to portray the movie in a larger than life canvas with lots of Masala Songs; Jam-Packed action, and colourful surroundings. He does the same in this movie as well, but somehow it doesn’t click well.

Although his choreography in songs is excellent, the script doesn’t justify any thrill and Hungama. But again, it is to be noted that action sequences between Salman and Randeep Hooda came out intensely.

Radhe Impact

Movie Radhe Review
Movie Radhe Review

Radhe is such a supercop who kills 30 – 40 goons in a minute or two and Can move even faster than the superhero “Flash “. With such capabilities, I guess the ceasefire between Israel and Palestine may be due to Radhe intervening in the matter.

As stated by Mr Tinku Jia – Even the “Tauktae cyclone” died due to fear of Radhe. Let’s see if we can see him combat along with AVENGERS in the coming years. 

How to watch Radhe / Stream Online

Radhe released on May 13th 2021, in theatres worldwide ( adhering to the government’s Covid protocols ). Also, one can stream the movie Radhe on the Zee5 app’s- Zee Plex premium section online.


Radhe Movie Review Radhe Review
Radhe Review | Movie Radhe Review

We have experienced our share of pain from watching this movie; now it’s your turn. Well, on a serious note (leaving all the satirical take above)- 

 If you are a Salman Khan Fan, who cares about the review, storyline and script. Just go ahead and watch the movie. Cheer the entry of Bhai and his action. Even one of the songs in the film has lines- “Seeti Maar”.

Else, you can avoid the movie, and save your precious 2 hours.

  • Ratings - 2/5


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