Best Cartoon Series in Hindi- Duck Tales

Best Cartoon Series in Hindi- DuckTales

Best Cartoon Series In Hindi- Duck Tales

Cartoons are the best form of entertainment especially for kids. It enhances their imagination. A good cartoon series will even have a teaching or life lesson connected to the story. Although nowadays the level of animated series has degraded and touched a new low. And is somewhat not at all good for the kids to watch. So, I have started a new series of best cartoon series in Hindi for kids. The very first pick in this series is Duck Tales.

A Brief Information on Duck Tales

Best Cartoon Series in Hindi- Duck Tales

Leading Cast/ Voice Artists of cartoon DuckTales in Hindi –

Best Cartoon Series In Hindi- Duck Tales

Hindi Voice Artist
English Voice Artist
1.) Uncle Scrooge Chandrasekhar Kamerkar Alan Young
2.) Huey Pamela Ankur Javeri Russi Taylor
3.) Dewey Pamela Ankur Javeri Russi Taylor
4.) Louie Pamela Ankur Javeri Russi Taylor
5.) Webby Vanderquack ____________________ Rusi taylor
6.) Donald Duck Vinay Nadkarni Tony Anselmo
7.) LaunchPad McQuack Chetan Sashital Terry McGovern
8.) Mrs. Beakly Pushpa Saxena Joan Gerber
9,) Gyro ____________________ Hal Smith
10.) Magica Kanishka Singh _____________________
11.) Flintheart Raj Joshi Hal Smith
  • Producer – Walt Disney Television Animation
Duck Tales Seasons –

Duck Tales has a total of 5 seasons with a total episodes being 100 ( approx. leaving the exclusive episodes, VHS releases and movies ).

Best cartoon series in Hindi for Indian kids-

Synopsis of DuckTales in Hindi-

DuckTales is a cartoon series whose story revolves around a Billionaire Uncle Scrooge and his mischievous nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie along with sweet Webby. It shows their adventure for treasure hunt and rescue the wealth of Uncle Scrooge from the evils like Magica, Flintheart, Beagle Boys etc.

Story Of Duck Tales –

Best Cartoon Series In Hindi- Duck Tales

          The story starts with Donald duck ( a legendary cartoon character in itself ). Donald Duck has to join the Navy. So, he hands over his nephews Huey, Duey and Louie to Uncle Scrooge Mc Duck for looking after them. Although Scrooge at first was not at all happy to entertain Donald Duck but eventually agrees and takes them with him. He appoints Mrs. Beakly as their babysitter.

Best Cartoon Series in Hindi- Duck Tales

        Uncle Scrooge is the richest duck of Duck world but miser. He has a huge vault where he keeps all his wealth and loves to dive in. He can count all his wealth in few seconds just diving into the vault. And as usual, because of such immense wealth, villains try to steal/rob Uncle Scrooge.

Soon, Scrooge develops affection for the nephews and takes their help in treasure hunting. He hires a pilot Launchpad McQuack, who has less wit but pro in flying. Also, he has a personal technician Gyro Gearloose who looks  after all his machinery needs. They all team up and save Uncle Scrooge’s Wealth from the goons.

Duck Tales theme/title song in Hindi-

Singer of Duck Tales Theme song in Hindi – Amit Kumar

If you are a 90’s kid you must be humming the title song of DuckTales and it must be on your fingertips. I still love that song and while writing this article I am still humming it ( LOL ). The theme/title song was immensely popular across the world. And although it was dubbed in Hindi, the essence of the song is well intact. The Lyrics were catchy and music was great. And this made the Hindi Theme/Title song of DUCK TALES popular among the kids of India.

Hindi Lyrics of Duck Tales-


जिंदगी तूफानी है
जहाँ  है , डक  वर्ल्ड
गाड़ियां , लाज़रस , हवाई  जहाज़
यह  है , डक  वर्ल्ड
रहस्य  सुलझाओ
इतिहास  बनाओ
डक टेल्स  (वो  ऊ)
हर  दिन  हर  पल  बनते  है  नए
डक टेल्स  (वो ओ )
खेले  खतरों  से  हर  पल  यह  है
डक टेल्स  (वो  ऊ )
ख ..ख ..ख ..खतरा ,बचना  दीवानो
जब  अजनबी  लगे  पीछे  तुम्हारे
ऐसे  में  बस  देखो  झट  पैट
डक टेल्स  (वो  ऊ )
हर  दिन  हर  पल  बनते  है  नए
डक टेल्स  (वो  ऊ )
खेले  खतरों  से  हर  पल  यह
डक टेल्स  (वो  ऊ )
नॉट  फोने टेल्स  एंड  हौली  टेल्स ,
बस  डक टेल्स  (वो  होओ)


90’s kids of India and Duck Tales-

      90’s kids have so much to cherish about their childhood. If I start talking about 90’s cartoons, shows, games ( indoors and outdoors), innocence, etc. I can just go on and on. If you are a 90’s kid you know what I mean, right. Today’s kids have lost their real childhood. Anyways coming to the topic, Duck Tales proved to be huge success for Disney worldwide and India was no different.

DuckTales was telecasted on Doordashan in Hindi dubbed version. Since Doordarshan was the prime channel in 90’s and Cable TV was just budding, DuckTales soon became massively popular among the kids. Even the DuckTales merchandise started selling like hot cake in india.

It caved the path for other shows like TaleSpin, Chip n dale, Darwin Duck, Alladin, Timon And Pumba and many more.

           90’s era became historic for sensible and quality cartoon series and even the kids in India were madly in love with these cartoon series. Thus, Disney started dubbing their all famous cartoon in Hindi and launched them step by step. As expected, they all became popular and super hit.


Best Cartoon Series In Hindi- Duck Tales

          DuckTales is a perfect blend of adventure, emotion, comic and imagination. Kids have too much to be entertained from and could even take away some lessons from the episodes.

Duck tales portrays a Duck world. Where very character is a Duck and their work somewhat imitation of real world humans. Thus, kids could relate to the characters much easily. And due to this, DuckTales develops an affection for animals and pets too indirectly. Not even DuckTales, but several other sensible cartoon series which will be listed later on HVP, has immense care and love for other nature and same is reflected to the kids. Thus, they develop a sense of protection for the nature and environment they are living in.

Best Cartoon Series in Hindi- Duck Tales

             I sometimes feel that with advancements, the essence of cartoon has somewhat disappeared. Current cartoon contents have degraded to a new low and they are not at all fit for the kids to watch. Shows like Sin Chan, Hagemaru and I don’t know what others have all touched the bottom of content quality.

And the only reason to start this series of Best cartoon series in Hindi for kids is to remind the parents that there were so many good cartoon series. The parents could watch Duck Tales along with their kids. They could even leave them watching without worrying about the content issues.

And with the growth in internet accessibility and lowering in data price, parents have an option to make their kids watch these good cartoons through online streaming websites like Youtube etc.


  • Ratings- 4.5/5

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