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Read books in Hindi online free: Beat Lockdown

Read books in Hindi Online for free : With increasing cases of Corona, it is an emergency situation in every state of the country. The only way to save ourselves is by staying at our home and following the Lockdown. Thus, to help you all we are providing the best way to read books in Hindi Online for free what’s better than reading books and beating the Lockdown.

For all book lovers who crave for Hindi books or ebooks, several sites offer a free pdf download option. Even we have opportunities to read those books online for free. So, let’s get started.

Read books in Hindi online –

read books in hindi online free

To promote its #stayhomewithbooks initiative, NBT is offering free 100 ebooks for children. This is really a good initiative. The ebooks are graphical in nature, which is quite appealing and catchy. Children will love that surely. These books are in several languages, i.e. Hindi, English, Gujrati Odia, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, etc. If you have kids in your house, this website is a must-visit.

read books in hindi online free

E-pustakalaya is an open-source Hindi book platform. Their collection of Hindi books is enormous. The only catch is that the books they are providing are open source and link. And there might be some copyright issues with that website. Apart from that, everyone will find each type of genre they want. From religious to fiction and from astrological to astronomical, they have everything. And what’s better than having everything for free.

Dive into their universe and Read books in Hindi free online.

read books in hindi online free1

Like E-pustakalaya, 44books is also a content-rich website. You can find Hindi books from famous authors, and they are all free. The best part is that they keep uploading new books and updating quite frequently. The interface of the website is not that eye-catchy, but the content they provide is applaudable.

read books in hindi online free2

Hindustan Books is also an open-source Hindi literature website. Even the collection of books is meager. But don’t judge them yet. They have the rarest and least known books of famous freedom fighters. And that’s their USP. Books are available in Hindi and English. The layout of the website is somewhat average. But their book’s list is what makes them unique.

read books in hindi online free

The most underrated website on the list is Rachana Pundir. It’s most probable that you won’t be knowing about this website at all. Well, if you are a hardcore Hindi literature fan, you must visit it once. The site is on a blogger. Thus, the interface of the website is somewhat ok. But the collection of the quality Hindi books they have is outstanding.

You will find books of all famous Hindi authors. From short stories to extended plays, it offers all. This website not only stops there. It has a collection of poems too.

Conclusion –

While browsing this website, you surely will fall in love with Hindi Literature too.With growing technology and easy access to mobile and internet, the younger generation is lacking interest in books. And Lockdown has provided a chance to develop their interest in reading and get them closer to books.

Read books in Hindi Online free

After all, books are termed as man’s best friend. Knowledge gathered from publications is precious. And not just knowledge, they develop high concentration too, which is much needed in this high paced life.

Like all the above websites, there are thousands of other sites too. And lockdown in India is for 21 days ( that’s long ). Then, why not to utilize this duration of Lockdown and read some good books in Hindi language online and promote our National Language. Beat Lockdown by reading books.

Stay at Home, Safe Safe. Please don’t spread rumors.

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