Must watch Bollywood movies- Dosti (1964)

Must watch bollywood movies – Dosti (1964) : There is a general notion that Bollywood movies are all about love, romance, action and actors revolving around trees. But there is more to it. So, I have started a new series of Must watch Bollywood movies and if you’re a movie buff you must check it out. The very first movie in this series is “DOSTI” released in the year 1964.

Must watch Bollywood movies- Dosti (1964)

Must Watch Bollywood movies - Dosti ( 1964 )

A brief Information of the movie “Dosti (1964)” –

Leading Characters of movie Dosti (1964)  –

Sushil Kumar (Ramu)
Sudhir Kumar ( Mohan)
Farida (Manju)
Uma Rajoo ( Meena Nurse )
Sanjay Khan ( Ashok )
Director- Satyen Bose
Producer- Tarachand Barjatya ( Rajshree Production )
Music – Laxmikant Pyarelal
Lyrics- Majrooh Sultanpuri

Must watch Bollywood movies

Synopsis of Movie Dosti (1964) –

Dosti is one of the best old Bollywood classic movies which lives it’s a permanent imprint on the audience’s mind. It is a story of two differently-abled teenagers and the bond of friendship and love.

Must watch Bollywood movies- Dosti

Story of movie Dosti released in 1964-

Must Watch Bollywood movies - Dosti ( 1964 )

Story of movie Dosti starts with Ramu, whose father dies in an accident. His mother is deeply shocked by this news and dies after falling from the stairs. Meanwhile, Ramu meets an accident and gets crippled. This doesn’t end his misery and he becomes homeless too. He has no choice but to sleep on the street and earn his livelihood.
While roaming on the street he gets in the contact of Mohan who is blind and sings well. The backstory of Mohan is also somewhat similar and is in search of his sister. Ramu knows to play the harmonica and thus joins Mohan. They both roam on streets singing and playing the harmonica. This helped them earn their livelihood.

Dosti (1964)- One of the Best Bollywood movies you must watch 

They got in touch with a small girl “ Manjula” who belongs to a rich family and has a brother Ashok. Actor Sanjay Khan made his debut in the film industry through the role of Ashok. Meanwhile, Ramu needed money for admission in the school. They thought to loan some amount from Manjula’s brother.

But they were insulted and thus both decided to collect the amount through singing. Ramu got admission in the school and became topper in the entrance exam. They started living in a slum where one day Ramu was accused of stealing and arrested. Sharma Ji, the headmaster of Ramu’s school helped in his release from the police station only on the condition that he will leave the slum and start living with him.

Meanwhile, Mohan came to know that his sister Meena is the nurse of Manju. But she refused to acknowledge him as his brother thinking him to be a beggar. Manjula was suffering from Heart disease and couldn’t hold for long and she too dies.

Dosti (1964) – Must watch Bollywood movies

This all incident breaks Mohan completely. Everyone including his sister, Friend Ramu and Manju had left him. He was all alone on the streets without any hope. While on the streets he gets to know that Sharmaji is dead and Ramu again needs money for his paying his school fees. He again roams on the street singing and collects money and pays Ramu’s fees without letting him know this.

Must watch Bollywood movies- Dosti ( 1964 )

But with so much emotional burden and physical toll, he falls ill and is ultimately admitted to the hospital. Meanwhile, Ramu gets to know the sacrifice of Mohan and feels guilty and burdened and runs to meet him. At the hospital, Mohan was silently assisted by his sister Meena. Ramu meets Mohan and apologizes for everything and Mohan selflessly forgives him. And after he gets to know that he was assisted and treated by his sister he forgives her too. And thus a masterpiece Bollywood movie comes to an end.

Songs of the movie Dosti (1964) –

Movie Dosti has the best of the lyrics one can expect with an evergreen melody. All the songs are just marvelous and blockbuster. Every song gets deep inside your heart and it is not at all forced in the movie too.

View all the songs at Youtube.

  • Rahi Manwa- by Md. Rafi.

  • Janewaloon jaza mud ke dekho mujhe – Md. Rafi

  • Meri Dosti Mera Pyaar – Singer Md. Rafi

  • Gudiya Humse Ruthi Rahogi Kab tak – Lata Mangeskar

  • Chahunga mein tumhe sanjh sawere – Md. Rafi

  • Mera to jo bhi Kadam hai wo teri raho mein hain        -Md. Rafi


Dosti is the best movie on friendship I have ever seen. It reminds us that a friend in need is a friend indeed. And friendship has no bars, no expectations. A friend is someone who is not your family but is not less than your family. It is certainly one of the must-watch Bollywood movies.

  • Rating- 4.9/5

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