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Can you still make money from YouTube in 2021

The recent months have been very tough and struggling for almost everyone. If we talk about economic aspects, uncountable people have lost their jobs and livelihood. No new job creation seems to happen in the coming days.

So, people are very much linking towards the IT and digital industry to have some economic stability. Also, with the exponential growth of consumption of e-media, youth are more attracted towards Blogs, Vlogs, online contents etc.

In countries like India, Bangladesh etc. people are more inclined towards the video content, so a majority of youth is trying to make their career in visual media content creation and earn through that only.

But the million-dollar question remains the same- Can you still make money from YouTube in 2021? Let’s check out !!

YouTube as a platform to make money

Can You Still Make Money From Youtube _
Can You Still Make Money From YouTube

YouTube has survived all the odds and competition in the past decade from the likes of Dailymotion, Vimeo etc. But it has surpassed everyone with a huge margin, and today it is the topmost media consumption platform.

There are several reasons for it –

  • Easy navigation.
  • Smooth interface.
  • Consumer-centric options.
  • Option for streaming on lower resolutions even suitable for 2G connections.

But the biggest reason why YouTube has survived and come up with flying colours is because of its well-established publisher supporting network where the creators are paid decently for what they produce.

A Youtuber’s journey on YouTube

Around 4 to 5 years back, being a Youtube Creator was seen as a hobby and not a serious career option by the masses. It was not understood to be a career option by the India Parents.

This is the reason why initially Youtubers didn’t get the recognition they deserved.

But as the days passed and Youtube evolved so strongly, it started to build a good viewership in third world countries too.

The biggest hurdle in streaming a video media content is the lack of decent internet speed. With the launch of JIO in India, this issue was addressed. A huge population got first hand reach to Google’s streaming service.

This, in return, generated a massive boost in the viewership for the creators on Youtube, and this is how day by day their Reach, Subscriber base, and earning increased exponentially.

To gain the same name, fame and money- youth started getting attracted to this platform, and soon people started looking to it as a serious career option.

But But But…..

Youtube didn’t need any specific technicality/skills and anyone with any (user-friendly) content can join Youtube as a creator, publish videos and start earning from it. This resulted in the increase of irresponsible creators on Youtube with the only aim to make money creating rubbish contents.

To filter out such creators, Youtube came out with the formula for monetizing the videos only when a new creator fulfils two conditions-

  1. A minimum watch time of more than 4000 hours in 12 months.
  2. A subscriber base of minimum 1000.

So, Can You Make Money from YouTube in 2021

With so much crowd on Youtube, finding an untouched niche is rare. Almost every niche has been explored, and some people have emerged leaders in that field.

So, is Youtube still an excellent bet to opt as a career and earn in 2021?

Yes and No !!

Yes for people who have patience and can do hard work and no for those who just want instant money. You need to absorb your energy completely and reflect it on creating value contents irrespective of the views and subscribers initially. You only need – Patience.

There is always room for new creators. Two years back, a few of my colleagues debated the same topic- Will Youtube be profitable in 2019?

Again the same question was asked to me If Youtube is going to be profitable in 2020?

This question will always be there, and if you are the one with ample knowledge, passion and patience to stick to the routine, YOUTUBE is going to be a useful revenue generation tool for you.

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How to Find a Profitable niche to make money from YouTube in 2021

How to Find a Profitable niche in YouTube in 2021
How to Find a Profitable niche to make money from YouTube in 2021

There are a few master techniques to find a Profitable niche make money from YouTube 2021-

  • Try to search what’s trending and is for long term.
  • Find the consumer base of that niche.
  • See if you can create more than 200 + videos on that niche or not.
  • Do you have any interest in that field?
  • What are the Ad types supporting your niche?

Some Profitable Niches for YouTube India in 2021

  • Vlogs

We Indians love to know what’s going on in other’s lives ( LOL ) !!

So, creating a Vlogging channel will surely help you a lot as it is an Evergreen niche which is strengthening day by day. The best part of Vlogging is that you don’t need to think much on topics to create a video; instead, your daily routine becomes the content.

  • Gaming

Gaming is a Niche which is still in development mode in India. There are very few pro gamers active on gaming Channel ( if we leave PUBG ).

So, one has got a very decent opportunity to shine in this field in India on Youtube.

  • Weight loss
Some Profitable Niches for YouTube India in 2021
Some Profitable Niches to make money from YouTube in 2021

If you have any knowledge of fitness, nutrition, diet and weight balance you must go for this niche.

It is one of the hot niches which will remain relevant forever ( literally ). People these days are more conscious about health and fitness. Also, obesity has emerged as a big big issue among the new generation due to a sedentary lifestyle.

 Thus, this niche is undoubtedly the best one to target if you have even a little knowledge.

  • How To Videos / DIY Videos

People are always searching to find ways to solve their daily life queries. Previously they used to read books, articles, blogs etc. to gain some insight into the issue. 

But these days they directly switch to Youtube for visual tutorials. Thus, this niche has already gained much momentum. But it still has a lot more to offer which you can if you have any interest in this field.

  • Pets

You would be surprised to know that Dog videos garner more views than a skit video. It’s because humans have a soft corner for pets ( Dogs / Cats / Parrots etc. ). Everyone loves to watch and know more about animals.

YouTube channel on Pets and animals
Pets and animals: YouTube channel ideas to make money from YouTube in 2021

One of my fellow mates started a tech channel ( blunder which you should not make unless you are a pro ), but even after continuous effort, the channel was not growing as expected.

One fine day he shot a few random videos of his dog’s training and sent it to the group. I recommended him to upload it to his personal Youtube Channel. And to our surprise, those videos gained him 1800 + subscribers and more than 1200 hours of views.

Although this number can vary a lot, it proves the point that the animal/pet niche is a very popular subject to make videos on Youtube.

These were just an example, and there are a lot more niches out there which can be opted in India in 2021 for Youtube. If there is any demand for more niche ideas, I will indeed include them in a separate article.

You must have noted that I didn’t include the most popular niches like – Comedy, Food, Tech Niches in my list above. I think that though they are in high demand but have reached somewhat their peak.

Don’t get me wrong, by peak; I don’t mean it’s going to dip in coming years. No, they aren’t. 

People will always crave for Food recipes, enjoy watching comedy skits and search for the latest gadgets. But generally, people rely on already famous Youtubers in these niches.

You need to have excellent knowledge and be somewhat creative to make yourself distinct from the crowd. If you have these qualities, surely you can jump into such niches, but I prefer to pick those topics which have more opportunities for newbies.

Can I leave Job to make Youtube my Full-Time Career in 2021

Don’t do that !!

If you are someone who is just new to Youtube or someone who has just started to earn from youtube, you should never think of leaving your Job.

Treat Youtube as a secondary source of income until you earn a minimum datum amount comparable to your Job’s earning for at least 12 straight months.

If you can manage that, surely you can make Youtube as a Full-Time Career in 2021.

If you are camera shy

Well if you are camera shy, want some professional sounding voice for the videos or just want to create YouTube vides without showing your face or voice- Yes you still can make money !!

In some cases the revenue can even surpass the regular videos.

What do you need for such setup

  1. A basic/ordinary mic ( no need to go with high end mics in at the beginning ).
  2. Use free source to download royalty free images and videos ( I would suggest to use- Pixabay, Pexels etc ).
  3. Any video editing app of your choice to combine your work.
  4. Lastly the most important a very good virtual voice over software.

Every business needs an investment and yes you should look to spend on the basics for expected results.

For mics you can go with any wired mic with basic noise cancellation or you can buy a pop filter for serving the purpose. Cheap mics like BOYA or even the one supplied by your mobile manufacturer can be good to go.

For voice I have been using a software which gives a much professional experience.

Yes it will cost a but in the beginning but the results are just amazing. Sometimes I even use it to create my business presentations as well. So, that;s something tried and tested personally. One more alternative is to use google text to voice, but it lacks the human like essence.


Yes, one can make money from Youtube in 2021, but with huge competition in almost every niche, one needs to have a good knowledge and even better patience to hold on for long.

Always give an ample thought before selecting the niche of your channel, which is the base for your content foundation. There is no particular duration when your Youtube channel will gain momentum and grow. So, you must be able to stay focused and motivated for an extended period. Also, as it is a social platform, you must be ready to face hardship and criticism too from random people.

Your only aim should be too –

  • Prepare and research well on your subject/niche.
  • Create Valuable Content (don’t copy ).
  • Promote family-friendly videos.
  • Be consistent.
  • Have an ample amount of patience. 


Hello guys! my name is Abhi, a blogger by profession, tech enthusiast by heart and an entertainment freak. I have experience in blogging for over 5 years and it has been a tremendous journey. Blogging has helped me find my inner self.

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