Abhinav Anand- Youtuber with an inspiring story

Abhinav Anand- Youtuber with an inspiring story

Abhinav Anand- Youtuber with an inspiring story

It is often seen that people from small cities and backward states are often treated as less deserving. And if that person is from Bihar, he has to face a lot of discrimination and backlash too. But the last decade saw a huge change, and people from small cities and villages have come up and made their name. One such personality is Abhinav Anand- Youtuber with an inspiring story.

Early Life of Abhinav Anand-

Abhinav Anand was born in a village Jaynagar, near Forbesganj Bihar on 12th September 1993. His father was a civil engineer and mother a housewife. He completed his schooling in Jaynagar itself till the sixth standard. As his father was transferred to Agra, the whole family had to join him. Later on, he completed his schooling from Agra.

He was an average student during his school. As a typical middle-class family, he was told that the 10th is the base for everything. And his father was very strict regarding academics too. He studied hard for the board exams and got good marks. His family was happy with his performance.

Abhinav's life story an inspiration to middle class children

Abhinav was already fascinated by the movies and acting. When he was in Class 3rd, he sang a song for and got a huge appreciation from the students. This incident marked an everlasting impression on his mind and developed a massive interest in acting and drama.

After they shifted to Agra, he joined the drama classes in the school and started participating in extracurricular activities. Everything was going great for him. He even performed for Farewell Party in his school and everyone cheered him up and appreciated his performance. These all incidents were sprouting the actor in him.

Abhinav Anand Post School Life

       After 12th, typical like every student he was sent to Kota to prepare for the Engineering entrance exams – IIT and AIEEE. But Kota has two types of students, one who is serious about studies and the others who get lost in the sparkling lifestyle. Abhinav too started visiting Cafes and spent hours watching movies.

Exams came and then came the result. He didn’t qualify for the exams. Later on, he took admission in Kalinga Institute of Science and Technology, Bhubaneshwar.

College life of Abhinav Anand-

             He took Civil Engineering ( inspired by his father ), and just like every engineering student started enjoying his college life. He along with some friends decided to make a video to tribute their friendship and college life which they could cherish later in life. This was a spoof video of the movie “Gangs of Wasseypur” and they titled it as- “Gangs of Berozgaar“.

And to their surprise, the video became viral. And the new media giant TVF noticed that video and offered Abhinav Anand an internship. But he had no courage to talk to his father and change the career path and refused the offer. But he didn’t stop creating videos. He created a new video “EHSAAS” and then the sequel “GANGS OF BEROZGAR 2” They both were hit.

Early Career before TVF –

He got a job as a JE in Civil Engineering after college. It was not a pleasant experience for him. The whole day he had to stand in the sun, full of sweat and dust all over his face and body. He decided to work with his father and joined him at Agartala. But still, the situation was the same and he was not at all happy with his profession.

Frustration was at its peak but he had no courage to express himself to his father. One day he was sitting with his friends and shared his feelings. And they advised him to talk to his father and boosted him morally. He again talked to Biswapati Sarkar from TVF, if the offer of the internship was still there for him. Biswajeet immediately nodded in yes. But now the real task was to convey his feelings to his father.

Abhinav Anand- Youtuber with an inspiring story

     He was a fan of 3 Idiots from his Kota days. And after taking inspiration from the scene of a conversation between Farhan Qureshi and his father, he went up to his father. He was nervous but prepared for his father’s anger and wanted to express his feelings.

But to his surprise, his father didn’t get angry after listening to him. He just asked him that without any film and acting background how he analyses his career in the industry. Even the salary quoted by the TVF was half what he was currently earning.

                       He calmly responded that he will try for 1 year till his masters are completed. And he doesn’t succeed, he will return to his job life to which his father accepted.

Abhinav Anand’s journey in TVF-

Abhinav Anand is a Youtuber with an inspiring story

 Abhinav came to Mumbai and joined TVF as an Asst. Director. But with constant shooting and stale hours he was feeling clueless. He was not getting the whole idea of working and shooting style of TVF.

He along with his friend asked their managing head in TVF to allow them to re-establish the Total Screen Patti (TSP). TSP was also an associate channel of TVF but was not successful and active. They also put a condition that there shouldn’t be any hindrance and creative forcing from others and want to work independently. The senior accepted Abhinav Anand request.

Abhinav Anand- Youtuber with an inspiring story

           Then came the BADE CHOTE with Chote MIyan, which became a massive pop and a superhit show on Youtube India. TSP was revived and so was the passion and interest in acting for Abhinav Anand. Almost every show he then worked for the worked charm and went viral & trending.

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Youtube Channels Abhinav Anand is associated with –




The Screen Patti

The Viral Fever

RVCJ Media


Some Famous Youtube series of Abhinav Anand-

  • Tinder games
  • TSP’s Bade Chote
  • TSP’s Rabish Ki Report
  • Baap Baap Hota hai .

There are many series of TVF/TSP which Abhinav Anand has directed.


Where can you connect with Abhinav Anand-

Abhinav Anand- Youtuber with an inspiring story

Facts about Abhinav Anand “ Bade” of TVF/Screenpatti–

  • Abhinav Anand was born on 12/09/1993
  • Birth Place- Jaynagar, Forbesganj Bihar
  • School  –   Till 6th standard Jaynagar Bihar  &  7th to 12th from DPS Agra
  • College – KIIT Bhubaneshwar
  • Degree- Graduation in Civil Engineer 
  • Master’s Degree- Masters in Construction and Planning engineering
  • Nick Name- BADE
  • Hobbies- Watching movies and listening to Music



 Breaking the chain of stereotype is very tough for someone who comes from small villages and cities. It becomes even tougher if you are from Bihar. There is an immense societal pressure on every child of the middle-class family to first study and get a decent job to earn his livelihood. In all this rush and pressure, their life automatically turns monotonous and dissolves in the crowd. It was no different for ABHINAV ANAND.

                 He was also feeling shallow, helpless and had no courage to even express his feelings to his father and family. It can be truly said the fight with frustration was from his inner self. It was when he decided to get out of his stale life and do what his passion says is when he discovered a true person in himself.

Abhinav Anands’s life is very much inspiring for every child in a middle-class family. They want to fly, they want to live their life according to their liking but faced immense backlash from the family and society. But one we conquer our fear and take a calculated risk is the moment when we get to live life according to our choice and live our passion. And yes we can FLY and the sky is the limits !!!! 

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