Netflix Movie Chaman Bahar Review|official Trailer|Jitendra Kumar

Netflix has emerged as an OTT giant in recent months. And after the onset of CoronaVirus and Lockdown, its stature has increased manifold. Movie theatres are completely shut down, and the entertainment industry is now forced to shift on OTT platforms like Netflix. 

Meanwhile, Movie Chaman Bahar Official trailer has confirmed its release/streaming on Netflix earlier.


Netflix Chaman Bahar Review| official Trailer | Jitendra Kumar | Ritika Badiani
Netflix Chaman Bahar Review| official Trailer | Jitendra Kumar | Ritika Badiani


Movie Chaman Bahar Cast –

  • Jitendra Kumar as Billu
  • Ritika Badiani as Rinku
  • Bhuvan Arora as Somu
  • Dhirendra Tiwari as Chhotu
  • Alam Khan as Shiladitya Tiwari
  • Ashwani Kumar
  • Yogendra Tikku


Director/Writer – Apurva Dhar Badgaiyann

Producer – Siddharth Anand Kumar


Movie Chaman bahar Review ( No Spoilers )


Netflix Chaman Bahar Review official Trailer Jitendra Kumar Ritika Badiani
Netflix Chaman Bahar Review official Trailer Jitendra Kumar Ritika Badiani

Chaman Bahar movie Plot

Chaman Bahar is a story of a young man “Billu” (Jitendra Kumar ), who owns a Betel ( Paan) shop in a small town in Chhattisgarh. But even after all the efforts, he is struggling to make money out of his shop.

The frustration starts piling up day after day.

But on a fine day a teenage girl “Rinku” ( Ritika Badiani ) with her family shifts in the house which is just in front of his shop. This proves to be a turning point in his life, and his fate changes drastically.

Because of her charm and mesmerising beauty, some boys (roadside Romeo) started following the girl from her school to home.

Meanwhile, to gaze at her, the group of boys started gathering at Billu’s Betel Shop, and his business was boosted tremendously. 

But instead of being happy, this incident makes him helpless and angry as slowly and steadily Billu too falls for Rinku. He feels all the flavours of love- Affection, jealousy, anger, etc. without the girl knowing anything.

To know how things unfold, you got to watch the movie. 

Chaman Bahar Movie Review


Song from Saregama Music -Do Ka Chaar | Movie Chaman Bahaar | Lyrical Video |Singer – Sonu Nigam | Jitendra Kumar | Ritika Badiani


Chaman Bahar is a light-hearted teenage love story where there are only love and its components. It has a texture of innocent hardcore romantic movies. But that’s not all.
The movie also involves the dark side of involvement of politics and social stigma revolving around love-affairs in small towns and cities.

In almost every teenage love story, there is a gorgeous girl and to win her attention, several boys compete in an unsaid battle. 

But meanwhile, there is a boy who’s love is pure and wants to express his feelings to her. He also tries to safeguard her from such nuisance elements without the girl knowing about him or anything. He dreams of a world where they are together and madly in love with each-other facing all the odds.

Though the plot is simple but is relatable and fresh in its own way. You will find that lost innocence in romantic movies we miss these days. It is a youth oriented movie. Thus revolves around them only and gives no explanation or solution for any actions shown in the movie.

Although I must admit that it will not woo the critics at all. They are not gonna find any serious logic or answers in this movie.


From Permanent Roommates, Kota factory, Shubh Mangal Zyaada Saavdhan, TVF Panchayat to now Chaman Bahar- Jitendra Kumar has evolved as a pro and complete actor. Whenever he is in the frame, he steals the show.

He depicts the struggle in business and pure love very beautifully. He proves again why netizens are a huge fan of him.

On the other hand, Ritika Badiani has provided the freshness and innocence the movie demanded. Although there is a window of improvement, she looks promising in her role. One starts believing in her being an innocent Chhattisgarhi teenage of a Schoolgirl.

Bhuvan Arora (Somu) and Dhirendra Tiwari (Chhotu) have also portrayed the image of jobless friend of Billu very efficiently.



It doesn’t feel like Chaman Bahar is Apurva Dhar Badgaiyann’s first movie as Director and Writer. His method of telling the story seems very realistic and something which everyone has witnessed in his early teenage life mostly in Schools and Colleges.


Trailer / Teaser of Chaman Bahar by Yoodlee Films-



  • Release Date of Chaman Bahar – 19th June 2020

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How to watch the movie Chaman Bahar / Stream Online

It can be streamed on Netflix from 19th June 2020. If you don’t have Netflix, please follow the below steps-

  • Install Netflix app from Google Store / Apple store or open Netflix in the browser.
  • Sign Up by creating an account.
  • Choose a plan which best suits your needs.
  • Make the payment accordingly.
  • After successful payment, you are good to stream Chaman Bahar and a whole lot of series on Netflix.


If you are a Vodafone Red customer, you can enjoy Netflix for free. 

And even if you don’t want to subscribe to any plan, you can opt for a 30 days trial offered by Netflix where you need to pay just Rs. 5 only (exclusive for new customers).




Netflix Chaman Bahar Review official Trailer Jitendra Kumar1
Netflix Movie Chaman Bahar Review| official Trailer | Jitendra Kumar | Ritika Badiani


Chaman Bahar is a fresh take on duality in the mind of a youth related to love, affection and business. The direction is very smooth, and acting is good too. All these things make it a one time must watch movie. Although I must admit it is not for intellectuals and if you are one who needs an explanation of every action, this one’s not for you.

In this fear and suspicious conditions ( due to coronavirus and other things ), Chaman Bahar acts as a sweet light-hearted ( yet dark in some instances ) relief. Don’t expect it to be a masterpiece, just flow with the movie’s storytelling, and you will start loving Billu And Rinku too.


  • Ratings- 3.5/5


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  • Kumar abhishek

    Movie is awesome but I felt there was lack of comedy sequence and all actors were not fully utilized.


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