Chacha Vidhayak hain Hamare Season 2 Review

After a long wait, I finally got the chance to see season 2 of Chacha Vidhyak hain hamare. It was a satirical, goofy, swift romantic, family emotions, and overall a well-balanced and spiced-up story if you watched the first season.

So, did the makers were able to extend the same emotions and freshness in this season? Let’s find it out in this – Chacha Vidhayak hain Hamare Season 2 Review.

Plot of Chacha Vidhyak hain hamare season 2

Season 2 of the show starts straight from where it ended in season 1. Ronny ( Zakir Khan) is now the Youth Wing leader of the political party of his so-called “Vidhyak Chacha.” And in due course, he gets an opportunity to contest in the ward elections.

Chacha Vidhayak hain Hamare Season 2 Review | Trailer

The story takes a turn when the son of demised previous “Parsad” – VICKY, too works in and out to defame Ronney and contest in the ward elections in place of him. To which he succeeds.

Meanwhile, on the personal front, Ronney started liking a friend of his sister – “TANVI,” played by Onima Kashyap. But unfamiliar with this current scenario, Ronney’s parents try to work out to get him married to his previous love interest – “Avantika” ( played by Venus Singh ).

The story revolves around how Ronney struggles and fights in standalone as a political face as well as maturely handles the family and friends.

Chacha Vidhayak hain Hamare Season 2 Review

Frankly speaking, season 2 lacks in many spheres if you compare it with season 1. Season 1 saw a tremendous silent emotional connection between a father and son, which nowadays no movie or series is able to showcase realistically.

The previous season showcased a strong connection between friends and family. Also, how an unemployed Indian youth uses so-called “JUGAAD” to come out of every adverse situation.

But season 2 failed to carry the satirical take, swiftness, and emotional context of the previous season. 

Ronney mostly deals with an Opponent Vicky in the whole storyline, unlike season 1, where there were numerous issues, and Ronney somehow worked to tackle those issues.

The plot seemed to focus mainly on the political phase, and everything revolved around that- friends, family, relationships, and people. This somewhat erased the quotient of freshness, and as the episodes progressed, everything seems as if we have seen this story in many more shows.

The female leads had very little to contribute to the storyline. However, they could have gotten more screen presence which could have helped carve out moments for situational comedy and conflicts.

Chacha Vidhayak Hain Hamare season 2 review
Chacha Vidhayak Hain Hamare season 2 review

The ending of the season hints at a bigger take on the romantic angle in the storyline, which means more screen space for the female leads.

 So, yes, the Chacha Vidhayak hain hamare Season 3 is going to happen soon.

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As stated earlier, the plot mainly consists of political aspirations and has very little scope for other aspects. Thus, actors had to work out in a restricted circle.

Zakir Khan again reprises the role of Ronney Bhaiyya. The show wants him to be showcased as a larger-than-life character, which contradicts season 1. Although he somehow manages to portray the character well enough.

Zakir Hussain and Alka Amin ( parents of Ronney ) have done justice to their roles. However, this season had very little emotional contrast with the family.

But the new nemesis entrant “Sunny Hinduja”- Vicky, acted very well. In every frame, he gives a negative vibe and a reason to hate his character. On the contrary, Vidhayak Chacha- “Abhimanyu Singh,” too positions himself on the top whenever he is in the scene.

Chacha Vidhayak Hain Hamare season 2 review- Performance
Chacha Vidhayak Hain Hamare season 2 review- Performance

The female leads had very little to do and have acted nicely whenever given the opportunity. On the other hand, Kumar Varun ( Kranti ) and Vyom Sharma ( Anwar ) worked nicely in their already monotonous characters.

How to Watch Chacha Vidhyak Hain Hamare Season 2

Both the seasons of Chacha Vidhayak hain hamare can be streamed online through Amazon Prime.


Chacha Vidhayak hain hamare season 2 doesn’t pack all the spices, drama, situational comedy, and other things, unlike season 1. But honestly, it isn’t as bad. One will surely enjoy season 2 if they don’t compare it with season 1 and watch it as a fresh and new series.

It’s the high expectations from season 1 that we try to relate with the characters, but it is something where the makers fail.

Just watch this series for its entertainment quotient and if you are into political drama. After all, it is surely a one-time watch.

  • Ratings – 2.5/5


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