Why should you watch JL50 Webseries- No Spoiler, I promise.

I am a big fan of the sci-fi genre and the moment I heard that a desi Sci-Fi webseries is getting released I was quite excited. But I was quite sceptical if JL50 will even be able to match my expectations.

But to my surprise, it did !!

Thus, here I am with an honest JL50 Webseries review and genuine reasons to Why should you watch JL50 Webseries.

JL50 Webseries Cast-


Abhaty Deol in Web series JL 50
Abhaty Deol in JL 50 Webseries
  • Abhay Deol as CBI investigating Officer Shantanu
  • Rajesh Sharma as Investigating officer Gaurango
  • Pankaj Kapur as Professor Subroto Das
  • Ritika Anand as Pilot Bihu Ghosh
  • Piyush Mishra as Prof. Biswajit Chandra Mitra.

Director/Writer – Shailender Vyas

Producer(s) – Multiple

  • Bob Gaider 
  • Ritika Anand
  • Shailender Vyas
  • Yasmin Gaider 
  • Abhayanand Singh
  • Piyush Singh 

Webseries JL 50 Review ( No Spoilers )

Review of JL 50 Webseries
Review of JL 50 Webseries

JL50 Webseries Plot

News spreads that a passenger flight AO 26 is missing. A high profile investigation is assigned to find the plane and the reason for its disappearance.

On the journey to probe – investigation officer Shantanu ( Abhay Deol ) with his team member Gaurango ( Rajesh Sharma ) finds that the plane crashed in the hills of Bagdogra (West Bengal).

As they visit the place to find the details, they are told that the crashed plane located is not AO 26 but a passenger flight JL 50. Meanwhile, it has unfolded that the missing flight AO 26 has been hijacked.

The situation gets very suspicious as the crashed Flight JL 50 took off from Kolkata Airport 35 years ago and had no trace since then. Also, only two people survived the crash – Pilot Bihu Ghosh (Ritika Anand) and a passenger Prof. Biswajit Chandra Mitra ( Piyush Mishra ).

It was even more confusing that the survivors didn’t age at all and were of the same age as they were 35 years ago.

The investigating officer Shantanu takes the help of Professor Subroto Das ( Pankaj Kapur) to decode the confusion.

Mix of Mythology and Tech
Mix of Mythology and Tech

So, where was the JL 50 flight in the last 35 years?

Why didn’t the passenger’s age?

What happened to hijacked passenger flight AO 26?

To unfold the mystery, you need to watch the 4 episodes of JL 50 webseries.

JL 50 Webseries Review

Pankaj Kapur in JL 50
Pankaj Kapur in JL 50

JL 50 is a smart take on Time travelling and human desires to conquer the world. I am a big fan of Sci-FI movies and was very much excited to watch a Desi Sci-Fi movie.

The story is quite refreshing, and one can easily relate to the advancement of webseries as the episodes move on. It holds a right balance between technology, emotion and desires.

In almost every Time – Travel storey ( whether in Hollywood or elsewhere ), the main focus is on VFX, technology and heroism. JL 50 too has all these elements but also incorporates the desi Tadka of drama and emotions.

Though the plot is quite simple and easily decodable, the take of the story is what makes the audience glued to the screen.

Yes, I must admit that the ending of the webseries should have been more elaborative and should have had a classic transition ( which you would notice once you watch the series ), but again as per Indian standards, it has been outstanding.


The moment I got to know that Abhay Deol, Pankaj Kapur, Piyush Mishra, Rajesh Sharma etc. are working on this project, I was assured of a good plot and impressive acting.

I feel that Abhay Deol is one of the most underrated actors in Bollywood. In almost all the movies he has been part of, he has had a very refreshing story, and this goes true with JL 50 too.

He portrays the role of an investigating officer who is dealing with his personal issues perfectly. The plot demanded a subtle character as Shantanu, which he delivers very efficiently.

Rajesh Sharma supports him as his teammate, who no doubt shines in every frame.

On the other hand, Pankaj Kapur, who plays Professor Subroto Das, has been marvellous as usual. Whatever character you throw on him, he wears that so efficiently that everyone gets mesmerized.

The only flaw I saw in the character build-up was of Piyush Mishra as Prof. Biswajit Chandra Mitra. Although Piyush Mishra plays a very vital role in the movie, he has not been provided with good script and dialogues ( which seems repetitive and over the board ).

Cast of JL50 Webseries
Cast of JL50 Webseries

I never understand why every ambitious Scientist needs to be portrayed as a Psychopath.

Ritika Anand looks natural as the lost ( both physically and emotionally ) Pilot Bihu Ghosh.


When I first got to know that a “Desi Time Travelling” story is going to be released, I was quite sceptical of the Screenplay, VFX and Direction.

But I must admit that the Director/Writer – Shailender Vyas has smartly shot the scenes and left significantly less scope for high-end VFX.

There are no such highly crafted electric bases, magnetic fields, nor there are any magical effects. The director has nullified every chance of special effects. The prime focus is on the storyline, and that is something which fills the need for such effects.

Although I missed such special effects, it is something which will not be set as a parameter to judge the webseries on, and Shailender Vyas should be appreciated for that. Even that is the reason why the budget of the webseries has been so controlled.

He even portrays the emotional aspects of the plot very well. They are neither too dramatic nor too casual. It acts as the salt in a vegetable.

Trailer / Teaser of Webseries JL 50

Trailer of JL 50 on Sony LIV/ JL50 Webseries Review

Release Date of web series JL 50 – 4th September 2020.

How to watch the JL 50 Webseries / Stream Online

JL 50 can be streamed on SONYLIV Originals from 4th September 2020. If you don’t have SonyLiv, please follow the below steps-

  • Install SonyLiv App from Google Store / Apple store or open SonyLiv in the browser.
  • Sign Up by creating an account.
  • Choose a plan which best suits your needs, i.e. ( LIV Special, LIV Special+ or LIV Premium )
  • Make the payment accordingly.
  • After successful payment, you are good to stream JL 50 and a whole lot of series on SonyLIV.

Pro TIp- You can also stream all the shows by opting for a One Week Trial and can choose to continue if you need it further.

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JL 50 Webseries Review
JL 50 Webseries Review

Development of the episodes of JL 50 seems very artistic but quick. You always feel like it must have had a few more episodes. 

I personally feel as if JL 50 was supposed to be a full-fledged movie, but due to the current pandemic situation producers decided to develop it as a web series. Even the episodes seem to have a very cinematic approach.

But overall, the story is quite a refreshing and interesting subject for an Indian web series or movie. The performance by the lead as well as supporting characters is marvellous, and everyone seems natural at what they portray.

It is a perfect blend of mythology and technology.

The effort of the JL 50 cast and crew seems very genuine, and after devoting 2.5 hours ( approx. ) on this web series, you won’t regret. This webseries is really a good entertainer, and surely a must-watch.

The biggest USP of this webseries is its Family-friendly approach. When almost every web series has immense violence, abuses and adult approach, JL 50 provides you with clean entertainment.

You can screen this webseries on your big TV screen, grab some snacks and watch it with everyone in your family.

  • Ratings- 4/5


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