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Baba Ramdev launches Patanjali Coronil Divya Corona Kit

Updated on 02/09/2020-

Government of India and The Ministry of AYUSH have restricted Patanjali from advertising Coronil DIvya Corona Kit as a cure. Thus, Patanjali is now advertising it as an Immunity Booster to fight Corona Virus like diseases. Hence, the claim of Patanjali to develop a medicine ( and reported in this article accordingly ) is nullified. This information should be read in the context of immunity booster and not as a medicine.

In a joint venture of PRI ( Patanjali Research Institute ), Haridwar and NIMS ( National Institute of Medical Science ), Jaipur Patanjali has officially announced the launch of CORONIL – First CORONAVIRUS AYURVEDIC MEDICINE in India. 

On 23rd June, Acharya Balakrishna – The CEO and Managing Director of Patanjali Ayurved, announced that they have successfully found the Medicine for treating coronavirus.

CORONIL – First-Ever Clinical Trial Approved Ayurvedic Immune Booster for Coronavirus

Coronil Divya Corona Kit
Patanjali Coronil Divya Corona Kit

Baba Ramdev told that the scientists at PRI were working very hard from January itself to develop a medicine for coronavirus. And finally, they are launching CORONIL – “First-Ever Clinical Trial Approved Ayurvedic Medicine for Curing Coronavirus”.

Leaving just the day of “JANTA CURFEW”, Over 500 scientist at PRI was working day in and out for the cure. It was their hard work and immense effort that Patanjali has been able to do something which no one in the world has been able to achieve at present i.e. making the cure of CORONAVIRUS.

He also added that CORONIL medicine is a cure and not just an immunity booster if someone has any confusion. 

How Patanjali succeeded in Making Medicine for coronavirus – CORONIL

In order to test it clinically, Patanjali needed an authorised centre with all the permissions. In this stage Dr Balbir Singh Tomar (CEO/MD ) and all other doctors at NIMS ( National Institute of Medical Science ), Jaipur lend the support needed.

They helped in getting the approval from CTRI – Clinical Trials Registry-India for clinical testing and research. Thus, a proper trial was held at several places in India like- Delhi, Meerut, Haridwar etc. 

Results of CORONIL Ayurvedic medicine 

 Results after several clinical trials on Coronil Ayurvedic Medicine came out yielded to be extremely successful and gave some magical results. 

The trial was carried out on 100 patients. Out of which approximately 69 % (sixty-nine per cent) of the corona positive patients turned negative in just 3 days.

Baba Ramdev noted that it was even more incredible that the 100% of patients who were given CORONIL turned negative. 

Thus Coronil Ayurvedic Medicine for coronavirus, while tested clinically gave 100 % results, and everyone was cured successfully. There were zero deaths in the trial.

Details of Coronil – the Medicine developed by Patanjali.

Ingredients of DIVYA CORONA KIT

Coronil Divya Corona Kit Ayurvedic medicine for coronavirus cure
Coronil Divya Corona Kit Ayurvedic medicine for coronavirus cure


Although the list of all ingredients are not yet available and will be updated if made public but the key ingredients are – 

  • Giloy
  • Ashwagandha
  • Tulsi
  • Cinnamon
  • Cloves
  • Black Pepper etc.
  • Peepli
  • Sonth
  • Mulethi

What’s Inside Coronil Kit/ Divya Corona Kit

The Coronil Kit includes-

Patanjali Coronil Divya Corona Kit
Patanjali Coronil Divya Corona Kit Ayurvedic medicine for coronavirus

Two medicine tablets-

  1. Coronil
  2. Swasari Vati

One Liquid Medicine –  Adu Oil

Coronil Dosage

Acharya Balakrishna prescribed – Swasari Vati Tablets should be be taken thrice in a day in the 3-3 numbers and Coronil Tablets 2-2 tablets after meal thrice a day.

The Anu Oil Liquid Medicine- 3 to 5 drops need to be used inside the nostrils in the morning.

The Kit will comprise the dosage for 30 days.

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Price of Coronil Corona Kit – The Ayurvedic COVID 19 medicine

The price of the COVID 19 Ayurvedic medicine is Rs. 545.

How to Buy Coronil Divya Corona Kit

Medicine will be made available across all the Patanjali stores in India.

“ORDER ME” app to be launched on 29th June

To deliver the Coronil Divya Corona Kit at home, Patanjali is about to launch it’s own e-commerce app “ORDER ME” on 29th June. This will enable the common man to order Medicine from home itself when The Ministry

Earlier Baba Ramdev has claimed that Patanjali is very close to making the Medicine of coronavirus. And with the launch, he kept to his words. We hope for the best results from the Medicine, and if we go by his words, India is leading the world in a probable cure and not just vaccine.


The Ministry of AYUSH has asked Patanjali to provide the details of the medicine, licenses and the test results.

The Ministry of AYUSH in their official statement said that they are unaware of the Coronil Medicine and asked Patanjali to stop advertising the medicine as a cure to coronavirus until they verify it. It has also halted the sale of the medicine until they examine it thoroughly.

On the other hand, ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) has stated that they are unaware of any such medicine as they are not associated with Ayurvedic medication at all and The Ministry of AYUSH governs it.

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