Make Shree Krishna number one

Make Shree Krishna Number One: On 30th April, Doordarshan ( DD1) tweeted on their official handle that the rebroadcast of Ramayana has smashed the viewership records globally. They stated that Ramayana is now the episode telecasted on 16th April and is now the most viewed episode ever in the world. Ramayana garnered a massive 7.7 crore ( 77 million ), unique viewers, on television.

“हिंदी पाठकों के लिए इसका अनुवाद नीचे दिया गया है’’


This came as a breeze of delightful surprise for every Indian as this feat was achieved unintentionally. Soon, the news broke the internet, and every national media house ( print or electronic ) reported it gracefully.


The same was not true for the international media. The global media did not give this very news a proper space, and very few reported it. But later on, a new controversy and debate were ignited by a report published by The New York Times.

In the report, The New York Times contradicted the viewership record claimed by Doordarshan. They stated that “M A S H,” a “Situational War – Comedy” television weekly series which aired from 1972 to 1983, has set a more significant record in the past. 

The New York Times reported that the final episode of the tv show “M A S H” aired on 28th February 1983 titled “ Goodbye, Farewell and Amen “ became the most-watched TV Episode ever. The episode garnered a whopping 125 million views, and no show is even near to that number.


This sparked a new debate. The report was based on the agency “Glance”, who provides the TV ratings and viewership records. This agency looks after the TV records and ratings in over 7000 TV channels across more than 100 nations. Also, the report is based solely on picturizing the rating and viewership in 2018 and beyond. 


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Make Shree Krishna Number One

While many controversies may start and ignite further on this claim and people might take sides in their points. But Doordarshan is firm and stands by its claim as reported by some media houses in India. They also claim that Doordarshan has proof for the claim too. 


They further added that the number of 77 million is just of unique viewership on television only. If they add live-streaming viewers on online internet streaming services like JIO TV, the number of unique viewers is over 200 million. 

This number is way way more prominent than that of “ M A S H “.

Let’s not go into the controversy on who’s right and who’s figure is genuine. Instead, my motto is something else in this article .


Make Shree Krishna Number One


Ramayana is undoubtedly one of the biggest epic and historical treasures of India. And nothing can even be thought to come near and comparing something is not even in the picture.


The Lockdown is extended further for two weeks. Meanwhile, Shree Krishna has been scheduled for rebroadcast by Doordarshan at 09:00 A.M. and 09:00 P.M. every day. 

Shree Krishna and Jai Hanuman on Doordarshan.jpg

#make Shree Krishna number One

We have got an excellent chance to break the record officially. And thus, rest the controversy on who’s got the maximum viewership once for all. And what’s better than Shree Krishna for that.


To make a line smaller, it is always better to draw a larger line parallel than to cut or erase the previous one. 


This way, we could make Shree Krishna Number one in the viewership, and thus an Indian TV Serial will officially hold the record for most unique views ever. And if Doordarshan’s claim comes out to be true, we will have two Indian Epics on the top. This will surely be a proud accomplishment that could never be broken for long.


# Make Shree Krishna Number One


For this initiative, I urge all Indians and people across the world to please spread this information among their friends and social contacts. 


Please Use  – #makeshreekrishnanumberone , and let’s trend it so that we could together reach that feat easily. 

Schedule for breaking the most unique viewership record globally

make Shree Krishna Number One
# make Shree Krishna Number One


Since Lockdown as of now is extended till 17th MAY, SUNDAY, we won’t get such a golden opportunity again. 

Thus, please turn your TV’s on and tune in to Doordarshan on 17th May,  Sunday at 09:00 pm .


Let the day go in history as “the day on which Shree Krishna became the most viewed TV series”.


An Appeal from HVP


Hope we will take it sportingly and trend #makeshreekrishnanumberone ( i.e. # make Shree Krishna number one ).

Thus, we could reach the feat gracefully. We aim to claim the top position without any conflict.


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