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INDO US Relations – Why US should align with India

INDO US Relations – Why US should align with India: On the 4th of July- America’s Independence Day, India’s Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, greeted and congratulated America’s PM Donald Trump on twitter.

In response to his tweet, Donald Trump replied, saying America loves India. Meanwhile, netizens responded to the tweets positively, and soon it was trending.



This exchange of tweets may seem just an official greeting but holds deeper meaning in the current situation. 


Since the last president BARACK OBAMA’s tenure, the United States is eyeing to build a good relationship with existing and major upcoming economies like Italy, France, Japan, etc. 

India is considered one of the biggest markets in the world due to which it has been a prime interest for everyone. On the other hand, India is still a developing nation. Thus it needs to purchase the latest technological equipment aiding it’s growth.

This mutual interest has helped in building strong INDO US relations recently.


Why US should align with India

There are many reasons why US should align with India –


Why US should align with India Indo-US relations
Why US should align with India Indo-US relations


1.) Increasing the Trade

India is America’s 9th biggest trading partner. India imports precious metals, textiles, Machines, goods, etc. worth over 50 Billion Dollars. 

On the other hand, India exports over 28 Billion Dollar worth products and services to America. This makes America the second-largest trading partner of India.

“The Trade Policy Forum” formed by the mutual efforts of President J. W. Bush and Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan SIngh proved to be a foundation for ease in trade relations between the two countries.

Both Republicans and Democrats have supported a healthy trade relationship between the two countries.


2.) War against terrorism

It is something on which a lot has been said and reported. Both nations have been a victim of terrorism and suffered a lot. This issue can only be addressed if countries come together and fight against it irrespective of nature and boundaries.


3.) Fighting the pandemic Coronavirus

Every nation is going through the severity of coronavirus. The US tops the list of most affected countries from coronavirus. On the other hand, India has also climbed to the third position on the same list. The numbers of infected persons are rising exponentially.

In this alarming situation, almost every nation is working to develop the vaccination for coronavirus. Meanwhile, India is leading the war first through CHLOROQUINE and now reportedly testing COVAXIN.

Thus to fight this pandemic US and all the nations should work together with India. So, once the vaccine is developed officially, it could be imported just like CHLOROQUINE recently by AMERICA.


4.) Dip in the Economy

Both US and India have been struck hard by the coronavirus and LOCKDOWN. America’s Economy has dipped to a record low. The same is with INDIA, but as per reports, India’s GDP will still be somewhat positive.

Thus, India could still be one of the biggest trade allies for America, and to overcome this depression in the Economy, the US should work hard to line up with India in this front.


5.) Suppressing the influence of China on the International market

China has emerged as the leading exporter and biggest Economy in the world after America. The current pandemic situation has mishit the US. And the Republicans see this as a strategic attack against America by China. There are also many theories validating this point as per the current President, Donald Trump.

But due to its influence in the current International market and permanent membership of the UN, no one can come face to face with China face to face, not even America without concrete proof.

So, India seems to be an ideal substitute that could be built to trim down China’s stature. But this will take longer, and for that, the US has started to invest more in India economically and arms & ammunition wise as well.

The United States has already started supporting India on international forums and in mutual trade. Still, a lot has to be done to make India an ideal alternative to China.


Why US should allign with India
Why US should align with India

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US-India relations have strengthened recently. Even the personal understanding between President Trump and PM Narendra Modi seems very fluid. This is a golden opportunity for the US to align with India and overcome this critical health, economic, and abrupt international conditions.

Since India has proved its worth through the market opportunities and growth in the current situation as well, this itself answers to why the US should align with INDIA and how INDO-US relations can lead the whole world in coming future.



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