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List of Top 10 online grocery stores in India

The past times have groomed us very well to stay at home and adjust to the E-Culture. We adapted from online classes to work from home and from buying clothes to purchasing vegetables online.

But it is to note that purchasing clothes and apparels altogether is a different forte than buying groceries, fruits and vegetables online because one can never go wrong with the quality and freshness of the latter since they are consumables.

List of Top 10 online grocery stores in India
List of Top 10 online grocery stores in India

Also, with the whooping growth of online shopping stores, it has become very hard to identify the genuine, trustworthy and most important, the best players in the market. This not only helps us find better deals but also safeguards us from any payment issues and frauds.

Thus, to make things easier for you, here we are with the List of Top 10 Online Grocery Stores in India. So, let’s get started.

1.) Amazon Pantry

Amazon is the most renowned online retail store in the world. And if you are a smartphone user, you are most likely familiar with Amazon and its service. People often choose Amazon to purchase mobiles, watches, clothes, shoes etc.

But Amazon also has a diverse grocery store where one can find every household needs like flour, rice, sugar, salt, oil etc. Thus, it is also one of the best online grocery stores in India.

2.) Flipkart

Flipkart can be termed as the Amazon of India. It is the second most popular e-retail online shopping destination in India. Flipkart has a vast range of grocery listings and can cater to almost every household needs.



  • Wide range of products in the grocery category.

  • Reliable and user-friendly UI.

  • Trusted payment methods. COD Available.

  • Just like Amazon, Flipkart too can take upto 4-7 days to deliver products in smaller cities.

3.) JIO Mart

Best Online grocery store in India : JioMart
Best Online grocery stores in India : JioMart

 JIO Mart became the most popular grocery store in India in a very short span of time ( less than a year ). With its already established offline retail chains, JIOMart has probably the largest reach among all the stores in this list. It has one of the largest chains of hypermarkets in India.

Since these stores are brick and mortar type, it has a presence in almost every city in numbers. Its partner chain Reliance Fresh is well equipped to cater to all the needs of the online consumers ordering from JIOMart. 



  • One can buy fresh Vegetables and Fruits also.

  • Not only the vegetables are fresh, but they also are close enough to the local vegetable vendors. Something which is missing in Big Basket.

  • It provides several discounts on its own Goodrich brand. Thus, the prices of the products are quite competitive.

  • Quick delivery.

  • Best Grocery Delivery App interface, in my opinion.New List Item

  • Since it is a pro - JIO products store, it pushes products from its own brands like Goodrich.

  • Thus, one may not be able to find few specific brand products.

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4.) Big Basket

Big Basket
Best Online grocery stores in India – Big Basket

Well, if one talks about groceries, no list is complete without Big Basket. It is one of the biggest Online grocery supermarket chains in India, serving almost every tier one and tier two cities.

They can also be termed as the most popular grocery online stores in India. Some people also term it as one of the “ Premium grocery stores in India “.

The best part is that it partners with the local shops and retailers to cater to consumer needs. Thus, to some extent ( directly or indirectly ), it aids/supports the local vendors, which is a good thing.



  • Fast Delivery.

  • Ease to choose delivery timings.

  • Flexible payment options.

  • Delivers Fresh fruits and vegetablesNew List Item

  • The cost of fruits and vegetables are way on the higher side.

5.) Grofers

Grofers: One of the Cheapest online grocery store in India
Grofers: One of the Cheapest online grocery stores in India

After Big Basket, Grofers is also one of the dedicated online grocery stores which partner with the local shops and vendors. It offers groceries, fruits, and vegetables and has a wide variety of electronic goods, household items, apparels, etc. 

With the tag – “Find it cheaper and get the money back”, Grofers truly offers a significantly discounted deal on the products. This is the sole reason for its immense popularity among the masses. It is probably the best grocery delivery app service in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bhopal etc.



  • Cheaper price.

  • Quick and dedicated self-selected slots for delivery.

  • All payment options are available.

  • Serves a limited delivery area. Not available in tier two and tier three cities.

6.) Big Bazaar

Big Bazaar online grocery store
Big Bazaar online grocery store

Yes, how come one can leave a Big Bazaar off the list. Big Bazaar has its foothold strong in even the smaller cities. Thus, enabling it to serve a vast customer base both offline as well as online.

Due to its presence in local areas, people have gradually developed a trust in Big Bazaar and prefer to purchase from it. Like Amazon and Flipkart, Big Bazaar offers a vast range of products, and one can find almost everything from its online grocery shopping store.



  • Presence in almost every city ( big or small ).

  • Easy and quick delivery.

  • Also offers the facility to book the order on the phone.

  • There is generally significantly less availability of raw fruits and vegetables.

7.) Spencers

Top Online Grocery shopping Stores in India : Spencers
One of the Top Online Grocery Stores in India : Spencers

Well, Spencers is one of the first premium grocery stores in India, having outlets ( offline stores) in almost all tier one and tier two cities. They are the same as Big Bazaar but with lesser reach. They also offer online grocery shopping. 

They, too, offer decent offers and discounts on grocery items.



  • Store presence develops trust and reliability.

  • Easy payment options.

  • Online service Limited to lesser cities.

  • Very bad interface.New List Item

  • Fewer product options.New List Item

8.) Snapdeal

Snapdeal: India's online e-commerce store
Snapdeal: India’s online e-commerce store

Snapdeal has been a well-known name in online e-retail for a very long duration of time. Not only does it sell electronics, apparels, watches etc., but it also has a very well equipped grocery section. From staples to stationeries and other daily household products, Snapdeal offers all.



  • Wide range of grocery items.

  • Easy and better user interface.

  • Offers a better discount.

  • Several payment options are available.New List Item

  • No same day / few hours delivery option for grocery items.

9.) Paytm Mall

Paytm Mall online Store
Paytm Mall online Store

Next on the list of Top 10 Online Grocery Stores in India is Paytm Mall. From a wallet and recharge portal to having a payments bank and a dedicated online Grocery Supermarket, Paytm has achieved all.

It has a well defined online grocery category, where one has so many options available to order from. Even they offer many discounts and coupons for better deals.

It is also the most popular e-payment portal in India.



  • Many payment options including options to pay from Paytm Wallet.

  • One of the best UI.

  • Wide range of products to choose from.

  • Non-availability of fresh vegetables.

  • No single day delivery guaranteed for grocery items.

10.) Spar India

List of Top 10 online grocery stores in India
SparIndia Online grocery store

SparIndia or SPAR Hypermarket is an emerging name in online grocery shopping in India. They too offer an extensive range of grocery products, fruits and vegetables. It was started in 1932 with just one offline outlet store but now has over 12000 stores across 40 + countries.



  • Fresh vegetables in fruits available.

  • Price is very much similar to the local

  • Ease in payment.

  • Limited to only cities like - Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Coimbatore, Shimoga, Mangalore.

Conclusion –

List of Top 10 online grocery stores in India
List of Top 10 online grocery stores in India

In recent years, India saw a digital revolution. Thus, aiding old and new Online Grocery Stores in India. Thanks to them, we have now several options available for online shopping, which is not just limited to apparels and electronic items.

With the names like JIOMart and Big Basket, people can now order daily grocery items without getting out of their house. This is not just a great luxury but has also helped a lot in tough times like COVID19. Hope, this list of Top 10 grocery stores in India will help you a lot in this pandemic era.

Which is the best online grocery store in India?

Although Amazon Pantry, Big Basket and Grofers are the already established online grocery stores, but JIOMART in my opinion is the best online grocery store in India. They are backed up by their brick and mortar stores like Reliance fresh, increasing it’s reach to even smaller cities and providing better service.

Which is the cheapest online grocery store in India?

Well. according to me JioMart and Grofers are the cheapest online grocery store in India. Although one may find some cheaper online stores which serve to a specific area or pincode.

Where can I buy groceries online in India?

There are so many options available to buy groceries online in India. Visit – Top 10 online grocery stores in India for the best options.

Which grocery app is best in India?

There are so many. But if I have to pick one I would say JioMart has a very good User Interface. Grofers too is good.

Which is better Grofers or BigBasket?

One cannot compare much between them. But if you want to purchase Fruits and vegetables, go for Grofers as they offer better deals.

What items come under groceries ?

Typically all the consumables, Kitchen essentials comes under grocery. For example-
Staples, Edible Oil, Pulses, Canned items, dried foods, poultry items, some specific stationaries related to kitchen, Butter, Cooking & Baking Supplies etc.


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