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Top 5 Best places for students to live in Bhopal

With over 100 Engineering colleges, one can term Bhopal as an Engineer’s Hub. Most of them come under RGPV ( Rajiv Gandhi Prodyogiki Vishwavidyalaya ) University while few are deemed. 

Since Bhopal is the capital city of an Indian state Madhya Pradesh, many other students, too, come here to pursue their higher education in search of better quality and exposure. There are many colleges which offer Undergraduate, Post Graduate and other courses in different fields.

With that much inflow of students in the city, it becomes hard to find places where one can rent or live in hostels. So, here I am presenting the list of Top 5 Best Places for Students to Live in Bhopal


Best areas for students in Bhopal


1.) M P Nagar

Top 5 Best places for students to live in Bhopal - M P Nagar Bhopal
Top 5 Best places for students to live in Bhopal – M P Nagar Bhopal


If someone is new to the city, he/she should find shelter in places where they could find all the necessary facilities nearby.

M P Nagar is one of the most prime locations in Bhopal. All the major coaching Institutions, market, Mall ( D B MALL ), etc. are situated here only. 

It is well connected with robust public transport for almost every area in Bhopal. It is the commercial hub of the city.

If you are a fun-loving personality, you have got many options like Cinema Halls, several Eateries, shopping complexes, etc.

Many registered hostels are operating in this area. One can also get to live in PG’s and rents too.

The major drawback of MP Nagar is the price. For all the above facilities you need to pay higher. If the budget is not a constraint, you can opt for this place.


2.) Arera Colony

Second, in the list ( But the best ) is Arera Colony. It is a huge colony subdivided into several areas i.e., E1, E2, E3, etc.

Arera colony is one of the Posh Areas in Bhopal, and one gets all the luxury of living in a premium place. It is a well-maintained society where families with a good income group choose to live in general. 

You can find many residing options. But again you will find mostly the houses to rent. Thus, suitable for students who are eager to live in sharing.

You will find many IAS, IPS, Doctors, politicians, and high profile people sharing the community. Thus you can expect a safer and pleasant ambiance. It has its dedicated market, parks, parlors, etc.

The best part is that the HABIBGANJ Railway station is situated beside Arera Colony ( E-2).


Top 5 Best places for students to live in Bhopal- Habibganj Bhopal opposite Arera COlony E-2
Top 5 Best places for students to live in Bhopal- Habibganj Bhopal opposite Arera COlony E-2


Again if we talk about the drawback, that’s the price. For such a premium locality, you need to pay a premium price. But back as I told above, if you are willing to share the room, they are a better option than the hostels on any day.


3.) Indrapuri

If you want a place where you could get basic facilities available but cannot spend much, you could find a room in Indrapuri. In this area, you can get single rooms too. Thus, you have no compulsion to share it with anyone.

This locality is a student-centric area. Thus, the market is very much inclined towards serving that very population. You can find many small/big hotels, mess, tiffin centers.

Due to the above factors, Indrapuri is a bit crowded, but I don’t think that’s an issue for students. 

Transport Facility-

You can expect good public transport, mostly the TATA Magic and Government Busses. Although the buses are not for every part of the city and you may need to change it to one or two places. 

Now coming to the price, the rooms and hostels available in Indrapuri are very somewhat cheaper than the above two places. Since you can select from a full-fledged apartment to single rooms and hostels or PGs, that wouldn’t be a big issue.


4.) Anand Nagar

Anand Nagar is one of the best budget places for students in Bhopal. You will get the option of renting the flats at a lower price. If you are willing to share it with few people, that will not burden you. 

The locality is a bit away from the central city but is well connected through public transports, and after living for a few weeks, you won’t feel much difference ( unless you want a premium habitat ).

This place is also student-centric, and markets are according to their demands. Unless you have to go for coachings or railway stations, you won’t need to move to another place to meet any day to day requirements.

Coming to the price, as I said, it is one of the places offering the cheapest accommodation in the city. Thus, if you have any budget constraints, you must look to get shelter here.


5.) Patel Nagar

Patel Nagar is mostly a student’s hub. Rarely you will find a house in which students don’t live. The real reason is the price and development of locality according to the needs of students. 

It is situated on the outskirts of the central city. 

But that doesn’t mean that it lacks the necessities. You get good transport connectivity – buses and MiniVans etc. 

You get the option of Single Rooms, Hostels, PGs, and flats. The prices are reasonable and pocket friendly.

But again, since the price is at a much cheaper side, you cannot compare the ambiance of the locality to MP Nagar or Arera Colony but can be termed average. 


Things to know before Renting

Top 5 Best places for students to live in Bhopal
Top 5 Best places for students to live in Bhopal


  • Always Opt to live in the locality, which has the maximum facilities. 
  • If budget is the constraint, choose the locations where there is a blend of local families and students. As you can expect the right balance between the community discipline and student-centric atmosphere.
  • Unless it’s mandatory, never choose a hostel. Hostels are not a good option in Bhopal, and college hostels are not recommended for serious students.
  • Check the distance of your college/institution from the place you are thinking of renting. If it’s near your college or the college gives an excellent bus facility in that area, only you should opt to move in there.
  • Further adding to the above point, even though you get a bus facility from your college ensure two things- 

          a.) your bus stop should be at walking distance ( Under 1 km ). 

         b.) The duration to reach your college should be under 1 hr

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Finding accommodation in a reasonably new place is somewhat not easy. And for students, it becomes more difficult due to many factors like- Budget, distance from college, coaching institutes, etc.

If not chosen wisely, one has to indulge in changing the accommodation again and again.

Thus, I have provided the list of Top 5 Best Places for Students to Live in Bhopal to help out such people who are struggling to find suitable accommodation.

I hope you liked this article. Please share and comment below if you find it helpful. Stay tuned for more such informative posts.



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